Thursday, December 31, 2009


I finally found the perfect pillows for my living room, and they actually are part of a set with the throw I found at Marshalls several months ago!

From the beginning, I first spotted this throw in the fall last year at Marshalls. The price? $50.00. Obviously I didn't grab it lol.

Then several months later, I again saw it at Marshalls, but for only $10.00! Of course I couldn't say no to that amazing price....

Then just last month I made my quarterly trip to Marshalls, Ross, and Target just for some fun window shopping. After hitting up Marshalls, I headed to Ross and was meandering down the pillow aisle when alas, there it was. One velvet ivory pillow staring back at me with glimmers of shine catching the light on the beading. I was so excited, but afraid there would only be one. (It is Ross after all...) But no, I found exactly two!

And the price? $6.49 for each!!! I cannot believe. All good things go to those who wait... Such a good example to me of how biding my time and refusing to pay too much for something, or purchasing an item I do not love just for convenience sake, is definitely worth it. I not only love these, but the price could not be beat! Yay!

This is my wingback chair I found for $20.00 at Antique Things on my way to my parents house between Austin and Dripping Springs TX, but the slipcover was $60.00 from

Then this espresso brown faux fur throw I had from a few years back I use since my cat likes to jump up there... and it ties in the brown furniture.

Overall living room photos coming soon, after the christmas decor is safely tucked away! :)


  1. Love the pillows! Good job on waitint to find something you really love. It's hard! Sometimes it's easier to buy something close (or more expensive) than to wait it out and find something you love! It is a great thing to live by and it keeps down on clutter. :)

  2. hahaha yes! and its seriously taken me like 4 years to figure out that that is how i feel most rewarded after shopping... but now i knows lol!

  3. omg I want you to come decorate our apartment. I love your taste!