Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Kitchen Farmhouse Inspiration

So spending a weekend hunting through all sorts of antique boutiques and the Wimberly Market Day, definitely inspired me!

I love antique shopping so much and finding so many different treasures, but I had more of a Kardashian glamour plan for my apartment set up in my mind. I didn't know how to combine these two visions, and at first was afraid everything would seem so haphazard. This kitchen really helped me see a way to combine all the elements I already have with all the beautiful antiques that I love!

I am so excited about it! When my mom and I went hunting at Market Days, I saw so many curio cabinets, dishes, and pieces of furniture that I really loved but didn't know how to fit in with my style. Now that I have a better example to emulate I can't wait for another shopping trip in the fall to find more pieces.

I have had the image of a white kitchen in my mind for a long time and this specific combination of white trim, elegant wallpaper, and unique antique elements really touched on what I want to create.

I heart all the old fashioned display cabinets with the teapots, pitchers, and trays. There were definitely several kitche finds I saw at the market that would have been perfect for this look, but I of course couldn't spend more money than I had.

I did get some white spray paint more for an experiment than anything else. I have a hanging spice rack that I purchased a few weeks ago, as well as a hanging wine glass holder that I found this weekend. These all will be painted pure white and hopefully will turn out just as well as these cabinets...

I was also planning on purchasing some identical crystal sconses to pair alongside my mirrors in the dining room, but have been having trouble finding anything just right.
I really like the idea now of finding some antique cast iron sconces (which happen to be everywhere) and simply painting them white as well! Thank goodness I actually have white crown molding to pull all of this together completely hehehe.
I am very excited about this new epiphony since now I get to purchase items that I not only love but can also afford! Yay!

The Missing Flower!

Yay for figuring out what this flower is actually called!!! Woot!

This is an Osteospermum!

And now that I know their name, I found why why they have been mad at me these past several days... they like full sun.

And of course, it has been cloudy for the past several days, with no sun. Just my luck.

The first few days I purchased them though they recovered from a similar fate rather quickly so I am hopeful that once the sun does pop up they will yet again bounce back with vigor.

We shall see.... I definitely love love them so much!!!

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Melanie Rawn's Exiles Series

I have already read the entire series I believe, but I only own the first two and decided, as this series is the first of 3 trilogies by Melanie Rawn which I almost entirely own, to begin at the beginning.

I picked up Exiles: Ruins of Ambrai the Sunday after my MCAT day for some guilt free indulgent reading for the first time in several months. It's not as well written as I had remembered, but of course that was more than 7 years ago... The story itself is very much political in nature and not half as good as it could be.

I think if she was better at leaving out completely useless information about some of the minor characters, it would have been much better. She also could have written the characters better but she must be limited by her talents.

I am on the 2nd novel now, The Mageborn Traitor, in the hopes that things become better in either the last novel or her next trilogy. Here's to hoping!!!

If not... I may have to send these back to Half Price in favor of another author.

We shall see, we shall see!

I still like the artwork though. Yay for Michael Whelan!

Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland

Good film, all around. Not brilliant mind you, but good enough.

I knew he was only basing the film off of the novel and not remaking it, but I was surprised to find out the film is a compilaton of his own speculations to the end of Lewis Carrol's sequel Alice Through the Looking Glass, which of course I haven't even read. The plot was ok, but I think he was focused primarily on the visual presentation of Wonderland itself rather than the story line.

My question remains, how on earth did the White Queen end up with the kingdom in the first place when she is only the younger daughter? Seriously. How on earth did that mix up occur?

Funny side note though. Just recently I had decided on my own that my dream would be to have enough land for a hedge maze at the back of my property, a small orchard with possibly no more than 20 trees, and then of course a magnificent english garden. I had only just established this visually when all three elements were presented so nicely in this film: the english manor's hedge maze and gardens, and the White Queen's cherry trees!

So apparently I just have to marry some wealthy lord in england and I am all set!

Tim Burton side note; he is playing around with Disney on creating Sleeping Beauty from Malificent's point of view. Guess who the prospective actress is? Aneglina Jolie! I actually think she woul do an amazing job... We shall see though; this is only a very recent thought bubble.