Wednesday, October 28, 2009

A Feast!

When I first started out thinking about the reception, I automatically pictured several round tables all scattered about a beautiful garden scape with hanging string lights from above casting a soft yellow glow at first twilight and glowing more strongly as night crept on until only candlelight and these floating lights above remained.

Now, though, I wonder if keeping everyone seperated is really the feeling I want. After seeing several large rectangular feast tables, I really like the idea of having, if not everyone, at least a lot more people, within conversation range. Shouting and laughter is a definite must, and I think that these large tables foster that much more so than the smaller ones.

I know this one seems very holiday themed, but the red color is perfect and not too overdone. Something like this would be great with possibly two centerpieces spaced out apart along the table and with candles all along the center like this in between.

This just has another view of the table set. I do want more of a small wedding, but considering that can range from 70-100 people... obviously there will have to be several of these setup. I love the feast theme!!!

This one has a great outdoor feeling about it that I also love. Oh to be planning a wedding! ... if only I could actually plan a real one lol. How much fun would that be to finalize plans and such.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

My Patio Garden!... in the future!

So even though its fall, nothing is even thinking of growing and every little seed is hidden away in a warm cacoon of soil, I am still contemplating the potential future of my little patio.

I know I am vastly limited in both space and the rare morning sunlight that bathes it, but there are some things that I can do to make it my own little getaway.

I love both the Japanese maple tree in the corner, and all the mixes of potted flowers displayed. Obviously the square footage is much more than mine, but I do like this one. The one below shows a great use of dwarf conifers which I never thought of using until now. They stay green throughout the seasons which is a great bonus, and they vary in so many sizes so getting that visual interest factor is super easy with them. Definitely a must for my patio garden!!

Now for the real fun! Picking out plants!!! :D I am seriously excited about it!

At first I thought I wanted more of a vegetable herb garden, but because I only get sun in the mornings I don't think there are many vegetables that would like the space. I still might end up with one pot of garlic, thyme, and rosemary and then another hanging pot for tomatoes, but thats still up in the air.

I really wish I could get a Japanede Maple because they are pretty much one of my favorite little trees, but it would severely limit the patio in regards to grilling and just sitting and relaxing out there. There has to be space for me as well!

The first plant that I HAVE decided on though is the Clematis "Prince Charles". Its actually a climbing vine plant with these beautiful soft blooms in the late summer and early fall. I have always been in love with ivy, but because the architecture of my apartment isnt stunning or quaint in the least (which is the only match in my mind for ivy). I think this plant will do nicely.

I am going to get three long rectangular pots lined up alongside eachother in front of my patio fence and place small wire trellices in them in such a way as to foster plant growth up the trellises and eventually on to the fence of my patio to further entertwine. It will be another way to create a more private feeling garden for the patio without needing large english hedges (my plans for the future when I have a home and the land to grow a secret hidden garden!). The trellises will also enable me to transport a substantial amount of the plants with me once I have to move again.

This next plant is a Foxglove and they really come in all sorts of shades and colors. I seem to gravitate toward all the cool colors so I will probably get some like these ones. They grow quite well in pots so a few of these will be placed in the corner for sure. I love that they grow quite tall which will be a great visual interest, especially with a few smaller tiny flowers planted right in front of them. Don't we all love the tiered effect?

And of course Hydrangeas! I don't think anyone can not like these round snow balls of color! They just seem so fun! The only dilemma I have with them is that they are more of a bush... I did some research though and it seems it is possible to plant then in a larger pot and they will grow quite nicely. I will only be able to have one but the little bush of happy color can probably go into a corner just fine.

Now I know Golden Creeping Jenny is usually used as a great ground cover plant, but it also loves to hang out from potted plants as well! It has a wonderful bright green fresh color to it, and trailing out in front of a pot or dangling from a hanging pot it is just wonderful.

One day I will have the space for a great entertaining and grilling area right off the back door with a covered eating out space, plus the beautiful landscaped space I can play with. Trees of course will be a must have, and not the crap that grows here in texas. What I would give for some huge pine trees anything! I want at least an area to have a forest feel to it. Then of course a small little orchard would be great with a little wooden table for picnics or tea parties. (I do want children SOME day lol). I still remember living in a place in Washington that had that and I love the memory.

Of course I love hedges and plan on utilizing tall ones to create a feeling or privacy all about the yard, and any fence area visible, will most certainly be covered in ivy or a creeping vine plant.

I also want two hidden gardens. One just for flowers like rose bushes and such, and another vegetable garden! I will probably have hedges lining my fence but then use that to create spaces between the hedge fence and the real fence for these gardens. Ah I do love the english sometimes... ;P

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Centerpieces- Flowers? Candles? Lanterns?

So another wedding post!!! These are several centerpiece designs that I really like (everyone think lush red, blush, creams, golds, and browns though). I wanted a mix of natural with some glam... I love jewels lol.

What I love about the one above is the web like branching out of the branches.

I would love to have something like that, but with the added flower color and hangind gems from the one below on the left, and maybe with the hanging candle holders from the one below on the right...

Basically a mesh between all three, but with deep red, blush, cream, gold, and brown as the fall colors.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Urban Faieries!!!

This is one of the cutest ideas ever, and a whole town in Michigan has embracd it! Ann Arbor, Michigan has had several "faerie doors" pop up inside some of their small businesses. This one below is part of a fireplace mantle.

Can you believe it? Not only did one person have the creativity to come up with this idea and implement it at their personal business, but then several others took up the cause afterward!

Most of the businesses are geared toward children like this one. I love how they so subtly placed a faery calender right below the little door. The books spines adjecent to the door are Fairy Tales and Cinderella too! I just love the idea of embracing so much imagination and creativity... especially to foster the growth of children. If I ever have them, I would love to live in a town like this with such an air of fun about it.

This one below is actually on the outside of the shop which is such a bold idea! You always risk vandalism (which apparently has occured at a few of the sites) with things outdoors, but at least it welcomes people in and piques their curiosity. If I was walking down a street somewhere and saw that on a shop, there is no doubt I would promptly jump inside.

So of course, the reason for this post is... I want to create my own faerie door! Its such a cute idea and would be such a perfect addition to my home. (Yes I said home! lol) Of course mine is going to have to reflect the turn of the century architecture I am so in love with. Crown molding, anyone? I already have the perfect spot of placement set up.

I think this whole idea just adds to the multitude of silly additions I want to my dream house.

(Coming soon!)

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Lace, Silk, Jewels, and Candles


This is an entry, about the wedding I want, 10 years from now lol. What am I suppose to do with everyone getting married and leaving me with inspiration, eh?

This dress was one I found quite awhile ago but that has been the one I have judged all others by. I am definitely more of the romantic when it comes to style and I love the creamy satin finish, the voluptuous volume, and the intricate beadwork.

At least I know what I want now… *sheepishly guilty grin*

As far as setting goes, I really wanted an outdoor evening reception in the fall with a hedged garden maze, but apparently those are only found in Britain or Virginia (arg these hill-billy corn mazes). Alas I will simply have to stick with the more boring garden theme. Don’t you love these lights in the trees though? So picturesque and who wouldn’t look drop dead gorgeous in this lighting?

Everyone get ready for an enchantingly elegant yet fun filled party night peeps!!!... in several years lol.

Bridesmaids, this is for you! Romantic dresses are a must! I want ethereal, formal, and gorgeous gowns everywhere! It will be chilly at this time of year so hopefully the extra fabric and volume will be somewhat comfortable… It may suck for my friends, I know, but maybe it will be worth it for one night… And hopefully everyone will have had stable careers for so long by the time this happens so as to be able to afford the expense. Here’s to hoping! :P I can dream right?

Now, I know this sounds crazy, but wouldn’t it be great fun to get the bridal party together to perform part of a choreographed formal ball room dance for everyone as part of the traditional father daughter dance? Start out with that (for the 10 seconds that would actually last), followed by me with the random prospective hubby, followed by the rest of the bridal party trickling onto the floor wearing the venetian party favor masks that will be especially elaborate, to harmonize into a crescendo finish! At least it could be entertainment for the guests and maybe a fun bonding experience prior to the party right? Who wants to ballroom dance? Anyone?? No? Sadness…

Everyone will, for sure, be getting their own masks for the evening as party favors, but I want to create with the girls or purchase for them some truly detailed and stunning masks for my fav peeps. Think “The Labyrinth” but less antlers lol.

Colors you ask? Well, seeing as how fall will be the season, romance the style, I can’t resist going with:

Deep luscious RED, tempered with a pale blushing PINK, and blended with GOLD, CREAMs and WHITEs.

The style of the cake I want will be more like this first one (I can never resist lace), while the colors will follow the second.

I hope everyone’s excited! Now I just need to end up with a man, a career, and several more years under my belt… :P So much fun to imagine though! I guess I skipped over this phase in my younger years.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Cozy Fireplace Mantle

For the fireplace mantle, I was inspired by a photo I saw in Rate My Space of a mantle completely covered in simple black frames with white matting of all sizes with black and and white photos. They looked beautiful along with creating a way to display severeal more photos than the usual wall hanging method allows.

These frames of course are not the ones I bought at Hobby Lobby, but they are of the same theme. I had a bit more silver and diamond and pearl I believe, with a few small ones that had a pop of heart red or light pink and cream. Very feminine.

Especially with the tall bookcases I have in my space, this gave me a place to show off my favorite memories and and people. Instead of going with the ultra modern theme, I actually went to Hooby Lobby and and for a much more reasonable price bought several jeweled and antiqued frames of all sizes which go so much better with the more feminine mirrors and fabrics of my place. I even got a little minature pearl and diamond encrusted clock for the mantle that blends in secretly with all the other frames.
Above I hung a simple beveled mirror and I have one of my glass lamps with a rectangular cream colored shade set on the corner of the mantle for some lighting. In the future I may swap the mirror for something more substantial looking, either with a stronger venetian style or a dark wood frame to add some dimension to it. The one right now is a bit too simple. Having it paired with another and hung vertically in the dining room though turned out great. Now I just need a buffet bar of some sorts below those two mirrors and a couple of twin sconces to frame out that wall. All in good time...

Living Room Painting

I finally bought a painting for my apartment!! Woot!

This one is from Deviant Art of course, which I can now officially feel more of a member by supporting one of the many artists I love who post their pieces for sale and judgement online.

Originally I was planning on buying a different piece that was monotone that I also love but this one will make much more of a statement than the other. The colors go well in my apartment and add more of a punch while the cream painted unfinished portrait would serve better as more of a background piece. Eventually I would like to get that one too but I needed something above my couch opposing the TV that could really throw in some interest.

Its dimensions are as large as I could buy them: 30" by 40" . I will probably use a dark espresso wood frame to tie in with the bookcases and TV stand and to keep the center of the painting the focus with the positive space. The frame will serve to continue to bleeding away at the edges theme. I get to pick it up today so I am super excited.

Elizabeth Haydon

So another wonderful reread experience. The actual writing isn't wonderful or the plot, but what kept me flipping the pages so desperately was the monumentally moving beginning piece describing two soulmates meeting, and then being plucked out of time to be seperated. I know I can cry pretty easily by something emotional like this, but the heart wrenching sobs these first few pages ellicited were quite sudden and unexpected. Searching the next 600 pages for some assuagement of this horrifying sadness kept me motivated throughout. The disparate table scraps of clues dropped intermittently as well as Page 463 were well worth the wait, and I am on to the sequel now, driven by the same longing.