Wednesday, October 31, 2012


I found this idea on Pinterest (but of course lol) and modified it for the office!
Basically the concept is similar to what I did for Easter. I made and packaged treat bags of chocolate covered pretzels for everyone, and then also made little desk signs as well.
Technically it really is suppose to be for only a couple of your neighbors, who are then suppose to pass the tradition on to others, and so on and so forth all throughout October. Knowing my coworkers though and their less than enthusiastic attitudes, I just decided to make it more of a Halloween treat thing.
I actually made caramel covered, chocolate drizzles, and nut spattered apples with the intent to use them for this project, but the caramel wasn't the best and didn't hold well away from the fridge. Hence white chocolate covered pretzels instead! :D

Monday, October 29, 2012

Halloween Link Party 2012

Yet another introduction to the shortest and best season: Fall. Driving home from work just yesterday the leaves were blowing across the roads and that indefinable smell of Autumn permeated the air. I loved it.
This year I am enjoying a more laid back holiday...
I tried my hand at home-made caramel covered, pecan spattered, and chocolate drizzled apples. I think next year I will make the caramel from scratch.

Evenings have been spent knitting various winter projects watching favorite Halloween films and sipping mulled (May) wine. My classic favorites include:
Hocus Pocus, Practical Magic, The Nightmare Before Christmas, The Witches, Harry Potter films, The Adams Family, Clue, and Gosford Park.
Much knitting could be achieved lol. Missing my old fireplace.
Prepping for All Hallow's Eve of course included a night of Jack O'lantern carving. I had a couple gals over, and we chatted the evening away while snacking on cheese and crackers with wine. I thought about doing a second pumpkin with leaves all over, but put the idea away for next year.

{ I think my cat Sasha inspired Lindsey and Julie hehe. }

{ I like my tree }
Costume for the year is: Indiana Jones! I went for bad-ass rather than slutty lol. More fun overall.
I plan on spending the holiday's evening passing out candy to all the little scary creatures and watching some classic films. I hope everyone's holiday is charming!

Friday, October 26, 2012

Fashion Friday: Foxy Leather

I think the red in my hair is showing lol.

{Boots & Bag: Ross}
{Skinny Jeans: Rue 21}
Freezing weather, yet again! This is seriously my only oversized sweater, which is insane because I would live in them and leggings my whole life if I could lol. Definitely hoping to get some comfy casual sweaters for the upcoming winter months.

Friday, October 19, 2012

Fashion Friday: Stormy Weather

{Skirt: H&M}
{Tights: Rue21}
{Purse: F21}
Since the cold front came in and I got to wear tights and a coat, I am soo in love and wish I could commit to winter wear irrevocably, even though we have gone back to 80 degree weather. Its difficult because the A/C is so low in the office, dressing for the warm outside weather ends up making it freezing during the work day... dilemmas dilemmas.
I don't think there will be many days left without wearing sweaters and tights though. Very excited for the coming winter!

P.S. I LOVE my polka dot tights! They make me squeal in happiness inside lol.

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Wine Red Cowl

With the coming winter looming ahead of us, I went into winter fashion mode and started thinking about the colors for this season. And realized I have hardly any red in my wardrobe! This dilemma of course had to be addressed, so on top of a comfy knit sweater purchase, I also started planning a ruby red cowl to coordinate with outfits.
I love the look of this cowl I found on Pinterest, and used it as inspiration for mine.
Pinned Image

I am knitting this in the Moss Stitch, and while I believe the above was knit with bulky or super bulky yarn, I am using Medium yarn but double stranding with size 11 needles. 


 It's definitely taking me longer than the previous crocheted cowl, but I think it will look great in the end and be worth the extra effort.
Ravelry pattern details:

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Chunky Circle Stitch Scarf

Ah for the love of crocheting.
This was such a fast enjoyable project to make! It took me about a week, but only about 3 evenings really.
And it only cost $7! That is always a plus hehe.
Here is the pattern source:
 The first couple of rows I did incorrectly, so I had to sort of go back and try to camouflage it lol. Otherwise, I love how it turned out. It's lays really comfortably and is so warm! I am a Cowl Convert now lmao.

I seriously heart my new cowl.

Find it on ravelry!


Friday, October 5, 2012

Running Program Day 5

Its so crazy to think I am only on Day 5, and yet I have made so much progress! Craziness... only a week and 2 days total.

Pinned Image

I started out only being able to run 1 minute intervals and breathing heavily while at it, and this morning I graduated to 3 minute intervals! I know it seems so insignificant, but for not being in any aerobic shape whatsoever to progress as much really makes me happy. Previously when I tried to begin a dedicated work-out routine, the lack of any results would fizzle out all my motivation. Now just being able to breath without heaving for longer increments of time every day gives me that extra little push to challenge myself.

Very happy today! Getting closer and closer to that 30 minute goal and ultimately the race in November.

I also thought to catelogue everything I have had to purchase for this to happen...

1. Gym membership
2. Running shoes
3. Duffel bag
4. Work out clothes
5. Water bottle
6. Ipod + carrier (to be purchased)

I just need tunes now to make the run easier.

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Knitting Winter Knee High Socks

This weekend was completely deluged in rain. All day Saturday it poured down. My initial plan was to spend the evening watching Macbeth in the park... buuut that obviously got canceled lol.
Instead, I slept in, putted around the house cleaning and whatnot, and then promptly curled up on my couch for an afternoon of film and knitting.
I had my homemade peppermint mocha to energize me for the longhaul, and started out with  Dean Martin flick "How to Save a Marriage and Ruin Your Life" 1968. This film was so cute and funny!!! I didn't even know Dean Martin was an actor... how crazy is that?! I think I like him as a comedian and actor better than a singer.
Anywho, I finally got to start on some socks for the winter to wear around my house! I have been researching patterns and such for a few weeks now, and bought my supplies Friday. I know it is going to take forever and a day lol, but I think it will be a fun challenge to work on while also doing easier and faster projects like cowls in between.

{This will be the ribbed top cuff of the sock, knitting top down}

The pattern is crazy though! I finished the ribbing and am working on the cable pattern which uses a Diagram! First time using a Diagram for a pattern... interesting experience lol. It definitely requires a lot of counting to keep track of where I am. I have to follow THIS!


It's That Time of Year Again!

Time for the Halloween Blog Party with A Fanciful Twist! Last year I did the Practical Magic Blog Party, but this time I am going with another venue closer to All Hallow's Eve.
More pumpkins and glitter this year hehe.

Everyone is posting on Saturday, October 27th this year, and there will be a link from my post to all the other bloggers so you can hop about all morning getting inspiration for Halloween! Should be loads of fun!

Monday, October 1, 2012

Running Program Day 3

Ok. My plan was to run at the gym every other day, and then work on weight lifting on the off days allowing myself one day out of the week to sleep in and relax. This weekend that plan went out the window lol.

I ran Tuesday, then did weights Wednesday, and ran again Thursday. Then I thought Friday would be a good day to rest so I just went to work, all the while planning on running Saturday. Ha. Well saturday morning rolled around and of course I went to sleep around 4:30 am in the morning. Woke up, heard the rain pounding outside, and completely slipped back into sleep.

Pinned Image

{I want to be this lol}

Lesson learned. Weekends will be tough...

New Plan!

1. Mon-    run
2. Tue-     rest
3. Wed-    run
4. Thur-   weights
5. Fri-       run
6. Sat-      rest
7. Sun-     run + weights

I think this is a much more realistic exercise routine, yet still lets me hit all the running days I need to for the program. And on the weekend, I can spend a bit more time so I will do a combo morning I think.

This morning I did go to the gym and run. This time it ramped up the running to 2 minute intervals which kicked my butt, but I still ran through it and survived lol. The most challenging part for me is breathing... once I get to 1.5 minutes the heaving starts and I feel like I am having an asthma attack, which I am not. I think it will take me a few more weeks than scheduled to get my body to the end, but thats okay. I had a good 20 minute heart work out today, so proud of myself. :D

Little Jay's Blanket of Dreams

C'est fini!

It only took me forever and a day lol, but I finally cracked down and completed Justace's blanket this weekend. It's a bit longer and narrower than planned... but eh. I am at least happy with the overall appearance and feel lol.
I hope it will be useful in the coming colder months for my little blue jay.

He doesn't look very excited hahaha.

1. Yarn- Lion Brand Baby's First
2. Hook size- J
3. Pattern- repeated stripes of single crochet stitch
 P.S. I seriously am in love with this yarn! It only comes in limited colors, but its so soft and yummy!

I really like how the single crochet stitch looks, so I am happy I completely randomly chose that particular stitch.

I wasn't sure how I was going to finish it exactly (ie border) but in the end since I actually started with a big blue stripe, I thought I would just use that as a beginning and work my way around. I like the look of using middle tone color...

Each color stripe required 4 different yarn ends I had to work into the stitching, and while I tried to research a more efficient full proof method of anchoring them, apparently you really only can work the ends in and hope for the best lol. Thank goodness it's only a tiny tot blanket, so if he destroys it after a season no big loss there. I have no idea how our blankets lasted!

{To see the project details on Ravelry, just click the button above!}