Wednesday, October 31, 2012


I found this idea on Pinterest (but of course lol) and modified it for the office!
Basically the concept is similar to what I did for Easter. I made and packaged treat bags of chocolate covered pretzels for everyone, and then also made little desk signs as well.
Technically it really is suppose to be for only a couple of your neighbors, who are then suppose to pass the tradition on to others, and so on and so forth all throughout October. Knowing my coworkers though and their less than enthusiastic attitudes, I just decided to make it more of a Halloween treat thing.
I actually made caramel covered, chocolate drizzles, and nut spattered apples with the intent to use them for this project, but the caramel wasn't the best and didn't hold well away from the fridge. Hence white chocolate covered pretzels instead! :D

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