Thursday, October 21, 2010

Birdcage Veil: The Only Option

So many options!!!

I don't even have a definitive dress shape picked out, but I know I want a birdcage veil. You may laugh, I know.

Even within this small category, there are so many different styles to choose from...

This would be the traditional full coverage veil, but I think this would be too uncomfortable to wear, and I don't like the way it looks very well either. At least its not my favorite.

This type I think is extremely flattering, but its not REALLY a veil. More just added decor the the hair. I might end up doing that any way but I was hoping for a little bit of a veil to lift at least...

This option I am leaning toward the most. Its not too much froo froo, and covers just enough I think! Very classy, elegant, and girly hehe!

And.... I just love this lace headband concept!!! I just need this to wear daily lol

Monday, October 18, 2010

Rustic Elegance

I have named my prospected wedding theme several months ago, but was side tracked with other life events during this time. Having yet another acquaintenance entering the married world brought me back to the thought process, and speaking in depth with Marias new shift in theme inspired me again!

My colors again are: deep red, cream, gold, dark rich brown, and a touch of leafy green. I explained to Maria recently the "feel" I want to emit with the arrangements. Its difficult to explain adequatly, but I am going to try officially! :D

There are particular conceptual elements that I want to incorporate specifically.

1. Obviously a woodland autumn season will be the setting and backdrop (minus orange and yellow)
2. Vague and nonspecific vintage antique elements that tickle the mind with the idea of another time and place, but do not blaringly shout a particular era or decade. I want to subtly suggest the past and timelessness in order to parallel with our commitment to eachother.
3. I also want to create a feeling of not only being in a seperate time and age, but an alltogether different place. Another world where the evils of ours cannot enter. Joy only will be permitted.

More specific things to include:

1. Wimsical things that I simply love will hopefully be spattered throughout to highlight both of our personalities. (birdcages, twigs and branches,
2. Riddles. There must be riddles. I might incorporate this into either the invitation cards, or pull it into a scavenger riddle hunt outside for the reception, or proceed with both ideas but directly relating to eachother.
3. I still would like to make the silent vintage film portraying our "love story", with a humorous and funloving perspective, to be played sometime during the dinner. Obviously that will be most in need of outside help.
4. Long rustic wooden feast tables will be arranged parallel to eachother, with the wedding party table facing .
5. Twinkle lights will be a must have since the ceremony and reception will last from the evening into the night.
6. And way too many others to list right now...

Here were my finds on Etsy that I either loved completely and entirely or plan on tweaking somewhat for the big day. Or don't want to use, but loved anyway...

I love the hanging birdcage lights here, as well as the entire feast table set up. Very close to my concept, but adjusting the color palette accordingly of course.

I love the idea of vintage stamped images to use either for place cards at the table or in the invitations somehow. Im not sure how I would use the idea in the end, but I like it.

Lighting will be hugely important because... I love candle and fire lighting lol. These are actually really great and I love the idea. I am leaning more toward filling hanging bird cages or lanterns like in the picture below, but with moss and twigs and these twinkle lights contained within rather than just simple candles. That way... the flames won't go out!

I am really looking forward to implementing this, since for once I absolutely know what I want regarding this idea. Yay for one concrete decision!!!

Not that I need to make any concrete decisions...