Monday, January 28, 2013

H Town


So I popped down to Houston a couple weekends ago to visit a friend and her newborn baby! Craziness! It is still hard to believe one of the troupe from high school actually has a child now, the next generation. She is the only one so far, but she also is the only one to bypass 4+ of college so I think the timeline is still consistent. I suspect in another couple of years a few more will make the same step as well.

I found a rountrip ticket on the Greyhound for only $30! I would have paid at least $80 just for gas if I had driven, so that was so convenient. And they have new buses now with (drumroll please) an electrical outlet for each seat! As well as Wifi! Ack! Best bus trip ever lol! It made my mistake of leaving behind my crochet hook slightly more bearable... just. As soon as Maria picked me up though we picked up one at the store lol. Which leads me to....

Travel Must-Haves!: (learned through heart ache and suffering)

1. Coffee. Must have access to coffee in the mornings. Or else lol.
2. Crochet/Knitting project. Otherwise I make myself ansy.
3. Hair straightener. Enough said.
4. Gloves. The cold weather hits here so randomly!
5. Book
6. Tote large enough for projects.

Of course there is more, but these are definite things I pretty much do not want to travel without. I think they just enable me to handle any negative alterations to the trip plan very well, despite my slight OCD lol.

I got into Houston Saturday morning and we dropped in at The Hobbit Cafe for lunch. It is a super cute little eaterie downtown with good sandwhiches and yummy bellinis. And very cute food menu names lol. It's individuality reminded me a lot of restaurants in Austin.

{super cute Hobbit Cafe downtown}
The rest of the trip involved shopping at the galleria, watching the Texans lose their position in the playoffs, bubbly sparkling wine, the Golden Globes, BBC Masterpiece Classics, purusing antique malls, the wonderful cocktail of De Sarona/Grenadine/Gingerale, Just Dance 3, and crocheting a new cowl. And lots of pets. And a baby.
Then Tuesday got back on the bus and headed home.

{I secretly heart this photo. Lil' bear and his Papa.}

{the little guy staring at himself, mesmorized lol}

{My Sasha's mama}

{My new travel pajamas! Love!}

{Our entertainment for the football game}

{Set to go for the Golden Globes!}

{my new brandy glass! jk lol...crazy old people}

{me with the little guy. I watched him for a whole 15 minutes all by myself! Which recquired amusing him, and thats it lol}

Although I had seen pictures (yay here are more lol), actually seeing her son in person, moving and making faces and interacting with his environment, was pretty amazing and emotional. I literally got teary-eyed. I still can't believe she has a little person running around now. I am so glad I was able to see him at this age as well. He is 4 months old, so while still a baby he reacts to people and animals and is very expressive, but also sleeps at night lol.

Lovely little weekend holiday! I am hoping Maria gets the urge to come up and visit me sometime (even if only for a day) once lil' bear gets older, but we will see. I am so grateful I got to at least spend some time with her new little family... Love.