Monday, July 25, 2011

Sarah + Jason

Ok. This event occured in December, on the 19th, in 2009. And I just realized I never posted about it! How could this be!!! I have decided to rectify this immediately: hence, this awesome post.

The groom is running!!! Get him, boys!

Aw, Sarah's Daddy! I know he cried, I just
know it.

 OOoooo. The hall was really pretty!

All us gals, being silly. Too much to drink, me thinks. ; P

 I actually just really like the line of this.

Their love for dramatic flair! To be expected with two opera performers lol.

Veronica caught the bouquet!!!

Two of the groomsmen were also majoring in music at Texas State, and sang Sinatra aaaall night long. It was lovely.


Decor Inspiration: The Holiday

One of my favorite cozy romantic films I love to snuggle up to, is The Holiday. I didn't think I would like it at all, since Jack Black is one of the characters, but it really is fantastic. I attribute this to the charming English town in the film! 

Kate Winslett's character has a quaint cottage out in the countryside, and I simply love the clutter and mayhem hehehe.

 I heart this ottoman!!! I think since all the other items are so comfy and casual, the formality of this really adds something special but isn't too much.

Ok. Normally I am not a fan of painted cabinets other than white, but these are so lovely!

 I love the wooden beams here, and who doesn't want a fireplace in their bedroom??

Its pretty impractical nowadays to have an actual library, but fitting in some type of nook is such a comfort for a home.

Masterpiece Monday: Sarah Portrait

So, this is one of the numerous snapshots I took while we were all prepping for Sarah's fabulous wedding. Jessica, Veronica's sister, while not a bridesmaid herself, was a huge help to all of us young peeps getting ready!

She is showing Sarah how to pin the ribbon to her bouquet!

Friday, July 22, 2011

Etsy Treasury: Woodland Forest, Dark and Deep

"The woods are lovely, dark, and deep,
But I have promises to keep,
And miles to go before I sleep,
And miles to go before I sleep." 
-Robert Frost

Forest Greenery! Yay! I just really love the deep jewel tone green in this treasury I had fun creating. The necklace at the top right corner I got as a present for my birthday too, and it is so lovely!!!

Etsy Treasury: Snow White, Blood Red

Creating an Etsy Treasury is so much fun!!! The idea is to have one common thread all the items share, or a theme each item contributes to, sort of like a collage. 

This one I created from the original story of Snow White. Not the typical Disney tale :P I just love all the colors, and the romantic theme. And you can purchase any and all of the items on Etsy!! So cool!

Monday, July 18, 2011

Masterpiece Mondays!

This is portrait I did about 1 year ago of an old roommate. I actually never really finished it, so its very... sketchy lol. Keep in mind, in reality, this piece of paper is white lol.

The reference shot I took! :) She was wearing my old dress (which I ended up giving her cause she looked way hotter than me in it lol).

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Dining In!

I have finally completed one room to my general satisfaction!!! Ack! There are still a few things that I could change of course and improve upon, but as it stands I am very happy, and relieved ha!

This was the table originally donated to me, by my coworker, Paula! Free!!! She has had this table for more than 10 years, and it has now passed on to me to live a lovely magical life! I most certainly felt very badly about painting the lovely color, but it just wouldn't fit in right without the makeover... 

These chairs I found at an antique store in Fredericksburg while shopping for christmas presents with my mom. They weren't exactly what I had been looking for, so we actually left the town that day without buying them at all! They kept nagging me though all through the night, and the next morning I asked if we could drive back, and she said yes! 

They were a bit pricey ($180.00) for four of them, which splits to $45.00 each. I had initially thought to find something for around $25.00 each, but craigslist failed me, and none of the stores I searched had anything interesting let alone a steal. So all in all, I am happy with them. 

I was going to paint them white and upholster them (which I still might do), but I have yet to discover how exactly to remove the leather backing lol.

My made over piano bench! I found this also at Fredericksburg, for $15.00!! Such a great find! It was originally dark dark brown with a brownish blue tratty old fabric covering. I painted, reupholstered and bought some green and white striped fabric (the green really is the same color as the walls and linens, I promise) and voila!

These are the linens I found at Marshalls! I also have the tablecloth, but only like to pull that out when my table is in danger hehe.

I love white porcelain!! Ack! Hehehe this I found at Marshalls as well.

I have been hunting and hunting for a suitable art piece for the large empty wall, and finally gave in to my night time crazy. I broke in my new paint brushes and got brush happy hehehe!

This was the little idea sketch I had going on, and I was thinking of attempting a great big oak tree, but decided in the end the result wouldn’t be worth the effort lol. Hence the more traditional border…

It's so fun to paint on your walls!!!

Masterpiece Mondays! ... on Wednesday *sheepish grin*

Ok. So I have been a busy bee this week(end), and didn't really have the time or inclination to spend on a sketch. Therefore, today's drawing will be a piece from the past *dun dun dun!!!* hehehe. I did this sketch way back in 2006 *gasps!* and I am sooo envious of that pencil. I must discover what grade it was!

I did learn something this week though! I tried using the charcoal pencils that I had purchases, and they are so ick! It catches on the paper all the time and completely muddles my strokes! Not good at all! I am going to stick to graphite but just stay in the B range from now on...

Monday, July 11, 2011

Never Let Me Go

Redbox Find! Yay! I definitely was not interested in this film initially because of Kiera Knightley's involvement, but the subject matter finally piqued me enough for a Saturday movie night. 

While Kiera does play a significant role, the film's viewpoint is really from the main character (played by Katherine Mulligan). So yay! And you get to not like Kiera's character in the film for awhile, so I was happy with that lol.

The film explores a possible outcome of life if we "farmed" human beings for their organs. The main characters grow up in a relatively humane home compared to the homes that become prevalent when they become young adults. It really is a powerful social commentary, and a worthwhile $1.00 spent. 

Watching this movie, will also initiate a desire to knit lol. So much tweed and wool! I miss the cold weather so!!!

Friday, July 8, 2011

Wedding Dress Fever

Just a few fun dresses I found, that I actually like lol. 
I do not think they would be actual candidates for me, but I thought they were lovely. :) 

I really like the detail at the sleeves and trim on this dress. I think it might be difficult though to coordinate any jewelry, and this dress is definitely for someone with larger breasts lol.

I simply love this lace!  Love love love! While the silhouette is divine, I think it might be a bit uncomfortable for dancing and such at the reception... I am pretty sure I will have to find something more like this since I do not have the most voluptuous figure lol, but this mermaid style might be a bit too much. I still love Amber's silhouette the best!

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Stuart and Amber Michnick's Wedding: June 2011

Eeeeeeep! This event was such a crazy crazy experience, and amazingly fun! To start out the story, Stuart, a fellow NSC buddy from college, did invite me to his wedding through text message. Unfortunately, I never received the actual invitation and therefore assumed he was just being polite... Bad idea lol.

Literally, a couple of weeks ago Sunday evening, I received a text message from our mutual friend asking "Are you at the wedding?". I, sitting on my couch studying oh so serenely, immediately proceeded to freak out. I followed this with a mad procession of texts back getting all the details, while rushing to change and get ready to speed over to the wedding local.

I was completely ready and waiting for him to reply with the address in 20 minutes (record time!) and of course, his phone reception was lagging, and I didn't get a reply for another 10 minutes. I immediately hopped into my car, and rushed over to the "Swinging Ranch", which lucky for me was about 20 minutes from my apartment! And they live in Houston!

I missed the ceremony (sadness!!!) but here are some of the beautiful photos! Everyone knows how... particular I am with details, and I was so impressed with the choices Amber made! She is a very active tomboyish girl, and so usually is very dressed down and cute, but this day she was so amazingly beautiful and glowing! She looked exactly how a bride should look, and she's so photogenic!!!

She's so pretty!!!

It was a Jewish wedding!!! They stomped on the glass and everything! 

Ok, this is one of the more romantic ones. Awwwwww. It makes me happy inside. All warm and fuzzy.

Ok, I didn't really need to know about their exploits in the boudoir! Hehehe. She didn't know what she was getting into apparently lol!

Everyone had so much fun!!! Especially Amber...

Jeff didn't actually catch the garter, but as Stuarts little brother did (he's a baby in HS), he tossed it to Jeff for backup lol.

This is pretty much the only photo I am in lol. Jeff, Lisa, and I muscled our way up to the front to watch the cutting of the cake! Lisa is in the front in the white dress, and Jeff's main squeeze for the past several years (wedding bells anyone lol?). I totally thought that the cake was really the groomsman's cake, but No! Ha lol it works for them though; they both are outdoors people and I thought it was sweet. : P

Another romantic one! Yay!

 Happiness and Joy for all the Years to Come.