Monday, July 11, 2011

Never Let Me Go

Redbox Find! Yay! I definitely was not interested in this film initially because of Kiera Knightley's involvement, but the subject matter finally piqued me enough for a Saturday movie night. 

While Kiera does play a significant role, the film's viewpoint is really from the main character (played by Katherine Mulligan). So yay! And you get to not like Kiera's character in the film for awhile, so I was happy with that lol.

The film explores a possible outcome of life if we "farmed" human beings for their organs. The main characters grow up in a relatively humane home compared to the homes that become prevalent when they become young adults. It really is a powerful social commentary, and a worthwhile $1.00 spent. 

Watching this movie, will also initiate a desire to knit lol. So much tweed and wool! I miss the cold weather so!!!


  1. I really can't wait for fall either lol. I love the summer but for some reason I can't seem to get into the season of it this year.

    It seems like A LOT of movies are doing the using/killing-people-for-their-organs-and-what-that-means-for-humanity thing. Honestly, I'm getting kind of tired of just the idea of it but every movie I see has a different take on the idea so it isn't too bad. :)

  2. Yea... I was over summer after my tubing trip lol. Which was in April lol. Joining with all the hiking and camping trips taunting me has also not helped lol. Im sad though that you are just not feeling it; you were so much looking forward to it!