Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Turning 24

I finally did something fun for my birthday!!! After so many years of gliding through each St. Patrick’s day studying, working, or simply lying about… I had had enough! My love of planning kicked in, and I ended up inviting a few select wonderful gals to a night out in Ft. Worth. Honestly, I think I was most looking forward to getting dressed up and completely embracing my inner girliness!

I have now learned that pre-drinking is a necessity for me though lol.

It was a delectable evening! Although apparently we are all white and skinny, Maria added the essential dash of spice to the group… and her cleavage was an added bonus lol! Hehehehe.

Maria drove all the way up from Houston for the event, and Tyler, Stacie, and July joined in as well. I was so happy for those who were enthusiastic and determined to have fun!

Tyler brought the getto.

Although there were some hiccups through the night, I think we all enjoyed the night air exploring the downtown area, as well as the wonderful hotel! Tyler and I were able to book a room at The Ashton Hotel (great location!!) for all the girls, and the d├ęcor and design were exactly what I hoped for.

Although the room was small, it was perfectly adequate for the 5 of us.
After a great Mexican dinner and experience at Pete’s Piano Bar, we ended up playing Catchphrase in our PJs at the hotel. I think that was honestly the most fun of the night. I heart board games hehe!

I was slightly nervous as to how each of the girls would get along, but as I generally have fabulous taste, that went off without a hitch. Tyler and Maria hit it off so well in fact, we have a fun get-together in Houston planned this very weekend! Of course, now I will have two great friends not living in Dallas… mais c’est la vie. I would rather have people who I simply love in my life, even in different cities, than numerous “friends” with whom I cannot be myself. I cherish that freedom too much…