Monday, November 26, 2012

Fall Homage Sketch

I started this sketch about a week ago. It is so much harder to draw dying leaves than healthy ones! There is just so much more varied texture really. Decay is not easy to draw; just sayin... lol.

I eyed this sketch in a 4x6 wooden frame, and I liked the look of it framed that way... especially in a walnut/natural frame. Very autumny hehe.

I was thinking of seasonal sketches I could do, and liked this idea for Thanksgiving. Many other ideas are bubbling to the surface though as well, which I want to have ready for next year's season.

Currently working on some ideas for winter, both simple sketches like this and more complex scenes!

Friday, November 16, 2012

Art, and Its Place In My Life

I finally made a decision about where I want to go with my drawing. I have had so many different things pulling me in different directions over the past few years... and although I am not out of the running with medical school, I think I have accepted that I am officially just burnt out on that track. Its been emotionally exhausting really, and seeing patients every day hasn't been very inspiring either. The job of a physician in this current time, is pretty crappy. Which was okay, but the thought of having to continue to apply just doesn't make me happy anymore.

While waiting for the spring to come to hear back from the schools I interviewed at, I really wanted to start working on something, ANYthing, career-wise. I realized the happiest moments during my day are when I am able to make creative decisions, and so thought about how I could incorporate that into an alternative career. There are certainly designing and coordinating jobs out there, but my lack of education in that field doesn't obviously put me at the top for applicants. Hence the following plan for my future while currently in limbo:

1. Create a collection of sketches that would be marketable to a large group
2. Come up with a business name, logo or quote, design, business cards, policies, and get a Tax ID #.
3. Perfect my ability to make professional prints from my sketches
4. Begin posting and selling prints and originals on Etsy.
5. Take community college courses in the evenings to develop my drawing skills, and get my feet wet with painting.
6. Develop my personal style as an artist.

Even if this "business venture" isn't able to support me, it could very likely at least offer some slight bump in income (especially since production costs would be so minimal), and at the same time allow me to develop a hobby I have always wanted to explore anyway.

Ultimately, the fact that I would be able to put all that on a resume, might seriously afford me the opportunity to climb up a more artistic career path.

I finally feel almost content, satisfied. Confident. Excited.

I made this decision Wednesday of this week. When I went home, after speaking with a friend about it, she immediately requested some Classic Winnie the Pooh prints with quotes. This idea (although not artistically original, still pretty marketable) sent me on the hunt for inspiration from other classic children's books.

I started that night on one from The Velveteen Rabbit. I still have to add in some grass and leaves to ground him, and then load it to the computer so I can add the quote and make it into a print. I am going to use this quote:

 "When a child loves you for a long, long time, not just to play with, but REALLY loves you, then you become Real."

All the sketches I do of this are going to be part of my Storybook Collection.

I also want to do original pieces for older children from classic books such as

1. The Secret Garden
2. A Little Princess

I know its a crazy optimistic plan, but in the end happiness is what matters, and I finally feel like I am going in the right direction for that. I feel peaceful, which I haven't felt for a long long time.

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Harry Moss Park

This past weekend, I had to make a trip to the park to... wait for it... literally pick up sticks lol.

Yes, that's right. There are two projects for thanksgiving I wanted to create this year, both of which necessitate branches. Hence, my trip Saturday to my nearby park.

And I love this park! Its so natural and pretty! Dallas' Aboretum is very sculpted and has pretty much no trees and I have never liked it, so wandering along in this park was truly wonderful. And the leaves have finally changed colors to reflect the season!

I am making a Thanksgiving Tree this year, by arranging branches in one of my white porcelain pitchers and hanging paper leaves with ribbon on them. Each day this month, I am writing down something specific I am thankful for, and adding it to the tree. So on Thanksgiving day, I can read all the little things in my life that bring me joy! :D 

So in love with Autumn!

Friday, November 9, 2012

Fashion Friday: Rose Gold

{Jeans: H&M}
{Shoes: Payless}
{Bag: F21}
My top is a peasant top I have had for several years.

I literally have a post from 2010 with this same shirt lol! I definitely feel like my fashion style has improved thank goodness. I guess one good thing about aging lol.

Yet another item I have been able to stay in love with and style with the current fashion! For the winter I plan on pairing it with thick knit cream or black cardigan.

Usually my lip makeup is neutral which accentuates the eyes (my personal favorite look) but I think part of being young and female is embracing fun new looks!  

I have literally never worn bright lipstick before... craziness! But since everyone is doing it lol, I thought I would give it a shot. Red is pretty popular right now, especially with the arrival of fall, and since I am transitioning from the springish summery color pink, red of course was just around the corner :P

Love the fall!

Friday, November 2, 2012

Fashion Friday: Bubble Gum Pink

{Tights, Sweater, & Shoes: Rue 21}
I think I just wanted to wear my tights again hahaha. I still need to play around with other ways to wear the skirt though. I have had that skirt for a few years now, and am so happy it has stayed fashionable! I am getting better at picking pieces that are more classic thank goodness, and then just accessorizing with current things (like tights haha).

Thursday, November 1, 2012


My first and original costume for this year, was Indiana Jones, as perviously shown hehe.
This costume was for a fun little collaberative party Friday night before Halloween! I had such a fun time!Pretty much the easiest costume to create ever. I could have done more, but since our office decided to do a collaberative theme this year which would not include my costume, I decided to split funds and invest in some DIY materials.

For my Alice in Wonderland costume, I chose to be The White Queen.

The White Queen was in Through The Looking Glass, and lives backwards through time, so she says some odd things in the book like "Would you like to have tea yesterday?". Anne Hathaway played her character in Tim Burton's recent film.

 I am very lucky tulle is so inexpensive... Many future halloween costumes will likely somehow involve this fabric lol.

I had fun experimenting with the makeup lol. I definitely think next time I will be more liberal with the black to create a more pronounced mask.

I wanted to have a white or light blonde wig, or at the very least spray paint my hair white... but ah well.

1. I just used some white and silver eye shadow over a white cream base to create the simple mask look. And of course added fun fake eyelashes! Nextt time, more glitter lol!
2. I love my homemade paper crown! I cut it out of a sturdy silver glitter paper, and attached it to a headband.
3. I purchased many many yards ot tulle at the fabric store (super inexpensive) and just tied strips to a ribbon. I wore this over a white skirt and stockings.

{Alice, The Caterpillar, Cheshire Cat, The Rabbit, The Red Queen, The White Queen}
Halloween evening I spent with my gals watching movies and snacking hehe. Linsdey was Alice coincidentally!

I ended the night doing some knitting lol... its not a party if there isn't knitting happening hehe.
I really enjoyed having both a weekend of loud socializing and fun, and also a more low key classic halloween with close friends. Lovely year!