Monday, June 14, 2010

Formal Dining

I need dining room lighting!!! Ok... I don't necessarily neeeed it I admit. I had originally planned on purchasing something more recently but now that it is beginning to reach the time for another move, I suspect I will wait until I have moved in competely.

Here are the chandeliers I am eyeballing now! This one I like simply because of the white... but Im not sure its the right look I want. This next one is too small for the feel I am looking to create, but I thought it was super cute! Maybe for an extra light in the living room or bedroom perhaps... Prob bedroom if there is no fan already installed.

These two are really what I am debating between. They both seem to offer the same amount of lighting which should be perfect. I do plan on getting 2 matching sconces to flank my dining room mirrors, but those have been more difficult to find than I thought.

This one seems like it would work well, but I am not sure about the bead crystals along the stems. I have never really liked that... but the hanging tear drops I do favor.

This one will probably end up being the one and only (versus the white shade chandelier) mainly because I like the sloping chain of crystals.

I am just not quite sure.... we will see I guess!!

Monday, June 7, 2010

Victorian Charm

Since my bedroom is very black, silver, and grey with an elizabethian style... I wanted frames to highlight this era without adding too much glitz. These frames were at Marshalls as well, but I really love the monotone theme of each one which really draws attention to all the filagree.

I am again, still needing to develop the the actual photos for the frames but I have chosen them and done all the appropriate cropping and editing. I only print black and white photos for my bedroom because... I hate the asthetic look of colored prints in that room. Too much color...

I am planning on trying to find only white, pink, blue, and gray frames while keeping away from black simply because I have enough black everywhere already and I like having the pops of subdued soft color.

If I get lucky I might be able to create a collage of these types of frames above my headboard... but I am not confidant I willbe able to find any larger than 4 x 6. I would absolutely love to find more portrait frames!!! They are soo Victorian!!!

Jeweled Frame Additions

Two more frames to add to my fireplace mantle collection!! I still have to get the photos developed but I was too excited to wait... The two 4 x 6 frames in the background are the new ones I purchased from Marshalls recently. I believe they were $7.00 each...

Pretty much anything jeweled is reserved for my living room, and the other frames for my bedroom.

The Cambridge Poets

While purusing the multiple aisles of Half Price, I meandered my way experimentally over to the vintage book section just to see if I could find anything inspirational. To my surprise, I did!!!

The most exciting find, although not asthetically, was William Wordsworth's Complete Poetic Collection. I was so excited because he is by far one of my top 5 favorites, and to find a complete anthologic collection, with his biography detailing his life's influence on his poems, was so special. And... its a 1904 publication!!! I was so happy.

Then I went out on a limb and purchased another poem collection by Riley. I honestly liked the binding and lettering and since it was only a $5.00 purchase, I decided it would be a worth while leap of faith.
Finally, I picked up an old English lady's poclet book of Madame Bovary! I already have this in a typical paperback but I couldn't pass up the surprising find... ah well hehehe.

Tea Time

Ok we all know I don't actually use tea pots for tea, but rather for coffee instead (my one true love)! I had found the tea cups and saucers at the Wimberly Market Days when I went with Mom in March, but the tea pot I fell upon while in... you guessed it... Ross hehe.

The price? $5.00!! I was just so shocked at the similar design and had to have it.

I would like to find a good display shelf for a lot of my porcelain, but for now I am forced to use my old media stand...

Creative Creatures

I know this is so very very random, but when I found this little fellow at Ross... I couldn't resist!

He looks almost like a cross between a cat and a mouse hehe! I totally am in love though and I like that having him in the living room brings out a few of the other sterling silver elements in the room (my TV stand for instance from Target that I end up using all too often).

I just think the little guy is a fun.

Delightful Dining

Along with the white porcelain serving ware I have been continuously on the lookout for, I have also been keeping my eye out for the right table linens and accessories as well.

I have had the candlesticks and holders (Hobby Lobby finds, each!) for several months now but just recently found the tablecloth and napkin rings.

We shouldn't be surprised about the crystal of course... but I was so surprised and excited to find perfectly matching napkin rings!

I was wandering Ross yet again, looking for really anything and everything, and found a box of four of them for $10.00. At first I was hesitant to get them since it wouldn't be a full 8 set, but eventually convinced myself it would still be worth it.

I of course followed this purchase with a 2-3 week hunt at every nearby Ross I could find hoping to stumble across another set of 4... and I finally found another box this past friday at a place all the way up in Plano. So worth it! Nothing could really match any better!!

Then the tablecloth was an extremely random find at Marshalls for $6.00. I wasn't sure it would fit in very well, but the brown really pulls it through to the living room wonderfully. I just love having a bold pattern somewhere finally, which I can also switch out at leisure!

While I do not plan on buying the dining set I want until after my next move for convenience, I am thinking about slipcovering my two chairs with simple cotton white. Not only will it tie in beautifully with the serving ware, but then when I do get my set I can still keep these two chairs for extra as needed seating! I like my plan... hehe.