Monday, June 14, 2010

Formal Dining

I need dining room lighting!!! Ok... I don't necessarily neeeed it I admit. I had originally planned on purchasing something more recently but now that it is beginning to reach the time for another move, I suspect I will wait until I have moved in competely.

Here are the chandeliers I am eyeballing now! This one I like simply because of the white... but Im not sure its the right look I want. This next one is too small for the feel I am looking to create, but I thought it was super cute! Maybe for an extra light in the living room or bedroom perhaps... Prob bedroom if there is no fan already installed.

These two are really what I am debating between. They both seem to offer the same amount of lighting which should be perfect. I do plan on getting 2 matching sconces to flank my dining room mirrors, but those have been more difficult to find than I thought.

This one seems like it would work well, but I am not sure about the bead crystals along the stems. I have never really liked that... but the hanging tear drops I do favor.

This one will probably end up being the one and only (versus the white shade chandelier) mainly because I like the sloping chain of crystals.

I am just not quite sure.... we will see I guess!!


  1. I like the last one!!! I agree with you that the third one has too much beading.

    And if you really love the tear drops, you can always buy them at a craft store and take off the diamond cut drops from the last pic and attach the tear drops in their place. A switch-a-roo!!! In most chandeliers the dangl-y bits are dangling from a small metal hoop. All you would have to do is open the hoop (it should already have a small hole, so you shouldn't have to cut) remove the bit you don't like, place the bit you DO like and close the hoop. All you should need are a pair of needle nose pliers. :)

    Barry is home, but I'm going to give you a call to talk this through!


  2. Hahaha yeah I figured thats why the communication stopped lol. I agree with pretty much everything you said... I just hope I can find sconces to match!!!