Monday, February 22, 2010

Christmas '09

Yes, I am now updating my christmas blog... everyone shusht.

Keeping the season alive! So this was my little tiny christmas tree all decorated and happy for the holidays. I hunted for a bit trying to find one reasonably priced since christmas time is always tight with money, and ended up getting this one from Walmart after visiting 2 Targets and 2 Walmarts. The original tree I wanted was fuller and looked a bit darker in coloring, but considering it was out of stock for too long I ended up with this one instead.

Decorating the tree was super fun as well! I have more of the traditional dark burgundy and forest green ornaments, along with specks of gold sprinkled into the mix.

I didn't really buy any more ornaments this year either since I couldn't afford it, so next year maybe I can pick up a few special ones after the holidays. I did get a set of gold glittered musical instruments that I found with Mom shopping in Fredericksburg!

I heart my tree. :)

This fellow is one of my Santas that I am collecting...

He is about 2 feet tall and is pretty perfect. He is rockin the gold, burgundy, forest green!!

These guys are my other fellow santa clauses. I would like to continue collecting St. Nicks that I periodically spot about while shopping, but I am going to continue to be very particular. This past year I didn't find any great discount on an especially precious one, so on to next year...

I am going to try to get ones decorating very differently, but always avoiding the garish red and white so typical. I definitely think that santa would mar the others!

This was MY christmas at home, while the next few images are from my parents'.

I became quite familiar with this image while waiting for the bus to come pick me so I could finally go home and fall asleep in my own bed. After 3 trips on a bus to and from Austin, each time I came back home around 11:20 at night and huddles with my bags for warmth, happiness infused my limbs once this train arrives at the station.

This is just one of the pastel little paper houses on my mom's village. We saw a couple of much larger ones in a few of the shops around Wimberly, but she didn't add to her collection. I am contemplating making my very own though... they aren't too complicated to make!

This is the tree stump lamp that Mom got me for christmas a few years ago... that I was not to happy about. It looks great all lit up though in ehr house. I still say you should pretty much never give christmas themed gifts to someone... on christmas.

Unless it only constitutes a very small part of the gifts that year, like the rat pack christmas CD I got in my stocking this year! That was the best gift ever, even though it was a very last minute find on my mom's part.

While in Walmart right beforehand, we both split up and then found eachother again with newly acquired mysterious packages. So fun!

I can't wait till next year!!

Server Ware

I know I didn't get married or have a baby opr anything, but I still think I have the right to a great server ware collection and some good pots and pans! With that in mind, I found a set of salt n pepper shakers at Marshalls that I think are pretty cute and go with what I want. The porcelain isn't quite right, so I think I will still be keeping my eyes out for a set that is whiter, but for now they will do nicely.

I really think they are pretty cute!

While I was on my shopping expedition, I also decided to purchase a few more serving bowls and trays. I decided to show my collection as of now below. The large trays and baking dish are from walmart, the small bowls and spoon tray from target, and the others are odds and ends from Ross.

I also want to get some more bake ware, a soup tureen from Target, measuring spoons and cups all in white porcelain, as well as stainless steel serving utensils. Each one of those can cost more than $5.00 so I am saving those purchases for another time.

I like the gold tablecloth with the porcelain too!! My living room curtain panels are exactly the same and with the white crown molding everywhere it just pulls the look together.

I did get another tablecloth as well though! I really like how the design isn't so bold, but still adds visual interest. This of course, was another find at Ross for $5.00. It is so hard not spending money when you find such great deals....

Beverage Bar

So even though no one lives up here... and so entertaining pretty much never happens, I always want the option!

Therefore, I am slowly working on getting a sort of beverage bar set up for drinks and things. Obviously this is low on my priority list, but I have fun looking.

Right now, I am using the media stand for this since I have my stereo in my room now. I had only two red wine glasses for quite awhile, but this weekend I found sets of 6 (I didn't want 4 cause that is too lame lol) of champagne and white wine glasses from the same brand (circle ware) at Ross.

$10.00 for both! Ross always has glass ware but this was a deal I hadn't yet seen and couldn't pass up....

When I took them out of their casings they were so much heavier than I expected! I definitely think I made the right decision. 4 pairs is just too limiting, but I also don't want to waste a ton of money on excessive glasses as well...

Now I have to actually purchase some Vodka to try out a few cocktails! Maybe champagne will be first though... hmmmmm.

Creamy Chicken and Mushrooms

Mmmmmm yum. This was a great recipe and will definitely be one of my usual meals from now on. Super fast and easy to do as well!


1. 2 chicken breasts
2. 1/4-1/2 cup cream
3. 1/2 cup mushrooms (portabello)
4. 1-2 tbsp butter
5. Cilantro
6. Pepper, Salt to taste

So first step, defrost your chicken! If you can leave it out in the morning great, but if not the microwave works wonders. Just use the appropriate defrost feature for the weight of the chicken to avoid actually cooking the meat.

Next, throw in the butter in the saute pan and turn on the heat. Saute the mushrooms slightly, and while these are cooking, slice the chicken breasts into slivers. Then place these in the pan with the mushrooms.

Judiciously sprinkle cilantro, salt, and pepper over the chicken pieces, then flipped them over and repeat. Let them cook for several minutes, and then flip them again.

At this time, pour on the cream! Lower the heat slightly, and keep pushing the meat and mushroom around in the sauce until the chicken seems well done.

Eat up!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Beautiful People

So I created a list of all the women I think are beautiful, apparently randomly lol.

Scarlet Johansen represents the casual sexiness of a typical american female. Her facial features are so great: beautiful cheek bones, great nose shape, and perfect luscious lips. Arg the envy haha.

Do we have to mention her perfect body shape? She has some meat on her bones, but I think her proportion knows where to put it! Talk about great great body shape...

Kim Kardashian is pretty much the exact same body type with the same facial features. She is like the darkenend dusky version hehe.

Anne Hathaway is my next pick. Her facial features are also rather prominant, but I think she has more of a light friendly look to her. I do love the dark dark hair and porcelain skin!!

If I could have any features I definitely would want dark dark curls with green eyes and porcelain skin.

Finalement, Natalie Portman! Ok, not your typical but she is so cute! She is just a natural wonderful beauty. Very ethereal I guess.

Friday, February 12, 2010


I have been waiting for this, for several years now. It snowed!! The entire day yesterday! From morning to midnight, large real snowflakes drifted down over everything. It was so beautiful. This first picture is from my patio that morning, and the following was this morning once the snow storm had left.

Look at the difference in the snow loading all the tree branches!!

We actually hit the record for the most snowfall in one day EVER in Dallas. We hit more than 8 inches I know so far.

Before last night, the pathway to my car from my apartment looked like this.....:

This morning when I left for work bright and early, this is what it looked like. I literally had to dig myself out! I still think it was awesome though!!!!

Since I had to work today, I am hoping nothing much melts today so that tomorrow I can enjoy all the white beauty.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Campground Sites

After hunting online endlessly for campground sites within driving distance of my apartment, and feeling almost hopeless of finding anything remotely appealing, I finally stumbled upon a perfect website that had everything I needed to find the best places!!

This first site is Caddo Lake State Park, the only natural lake in Texas. I really like not only that there are trees everywhere (not the usual ones I lvoe but at this point I am not greedy) but that it has a lake! There are canoe and paddle boat rentals as well so I plan on exploring the lake thoroughly the weekend that I go. I can't wait for the weather to warm up!!

This next one is quite close to the other: Martin Creek Lake State Park. The most exciting thing about this site is that theres actually an island on the lake connected by a bridge to the mainland. The island has tent camp sites so I am looking forward so much to that! So much fun! And of course there are boat rentals here as well....

This last place is actually west of Dallas rather than east, and the vegetation shows this. The great thing about Lake Mineral Wells State Park though is Penitentiary Hollow Trail. Its a perfect site for rock climbers and rappelers and such, but can be hiked as well. Who doesn't love feeling like a kid again climbing all sorts of rocks?? There is also a great biking trail too, so yet another plan.

Oh how I can't wait for the warmer weather to set in... although its snowing at this very moment outside right now which is pretty awesome. I need snow boots hehe.

White Wine Spritzer

For one of the rare times, I again drank at home hehe. I had my last bottle of wine left, a white zinfandel, and for the superbowl I decided to celebrate in style!

The dried flowers I use on the tray are actually roses from a wedding last summer that dried beautifully. They were a pale pale pink and turned into a beautiful creamy yellow with a dark rose edge to the petals.

For my great tasting bubbly beverage, I combined 3 measures of the white wine with 2 measures gingerale. I loved the combination. I think next time I might try a Sprite just to see if that added sugar changes the overall taste.

I was just happy to enjoy an alcoholic beverage for once at home hehe.

I did do some research though and found out I can purchase the vodka and gin and other liquers at a store 4 minutes away from where I live as well though, so I am looking forward to trying out some of the other cocktails I have in my recipe book.

Really, I just want to know how to make a good selection for parties, as well as know what I like. I am well stocked on lemon and lime juice for sure...

Doesn't the drink just look pretty?? So shiny!

Coffee Set

I finally found the perfect creamer sugar bowl set! Right after christmas I found this great teapot at Target for $7.00, but no matter where I looked I couldn't find the right creamer and sugar bowl for it. I don't drink tea... ever... so I decided to use it for coffee instead because I frankly live off that and would love serving lattes and such to guests as well with my oh so suave barista skills lol!

Then, on a shopping whim, about a month ago I decided to muddle on over to Marshalls and Ross again just to see what I could find. Even though I didnt find these at Marshalls, I DID fall upon these two rectangular trays that are the exact design I want for all my serving ware! They are so perfect for appetizers or other small things so I was really happy about that, and they were only $5.00 as apposed to $10-$15 at Target and Walmart. So happy!!

THEN, I went to Ross and found the creamer and sugar bowl!! Along with these though, I also found a great butterdish, gravy boat, and pitcher in the same exact style! Now all I need are the perfect salt n pepper shakers..... I bought the butterdish, pitcher, gravy boat, creamer, and sugar bowls all for $15.00. Can you believe it?! So exciting.

Everything goes together so well!!! I love it when that happens hehe. And I am pretty much in love with the whole all white cermamic look, so when I finally am able to have a great server ware set (Target won't know what hit it hehe) I so want to throw a great party just to show it all off.