Thursday, February 11, 2010

Coffee Set

I finally found the perfect creamer sugar bowl set! Right after christmas I found this great teapot at Target for $7.00, but no matter where I looked I couldn't find the right creamer and sugar bowl for it. I don't drink tea... ever... so I decided to use it for coffee instead because I frankly live off that and would love serving lattes and such to guests as well with my oh so suave barista skills lol!

Then, on a shopping whim, about a month ago I decided to muddle on over to Marshalls and Ross again just to see what I could find. Even though I didnt find these at Marshalls, I DID fall upon these two rectangular trays that are the exact design I want for all my serving ware! They are so perfect for appetizers or other small things so I was really happy about that, and they were only $5.00 as apposed to $10-$15 at Target and Walmart. So happy!!

THEN, I went to Ross and found the creamer and sugar bowl!! Along with these though, I also found a great butterdish, gravy boat, and pitcher in the same exact style! Now all I need are the perfect salt n pepper shakers..... I bought the butterdish, pitcher, gravy boat, creamer, and sugar bowls all for $15.00. Can you believe it?! So exciting.

Everything goes together so well!!! I love it when that happens hehe. And I am pretty much in love with the whole all white cermamic look, so when I finally am able to have a great server ware set (Target won't know what hit it hehe) I so want to throw a great party just to show it all off.

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