Monday, February 22, 2010

Christmas '09

Yes, I am now updating my christmas blog... everyone shusht.

Keeping the season alive! So this was my little tiny christmas tree all decorated and happy for the holidays. I hunted for a bit trying to find one reasonably priced since christmas time is always tight with money, and ended up getting this one from Walmart after visiting 2 Targets and 2 Walmarts. The original tree I wanted was fuller and looked a bit darker in coloring, but considering it was out of stock for too long I ended up with this one instead.

Decorating the tree was super fun as well! I have more of the traditional dark burgundy and forest green ornaments, along with specks of gold sprinkled into the mix.

I didn't really buy any more ornaments this year either since I couldn't afford it, so next year maybe I can pick up a few special ones after the holidays. I did get a set of gold glittered musical instruments that I found with Mom shopping in Fredericksburg!

I heart my tree. :)

This fellow is one of my Santas that I am collecting...

He is about 2 feet tall and is pretty perfect. He is rockin the gold, burgundy, forest green!!

These guys are my other fellow santa clauses. I would like to continue collecting St. Nicks that I periodically spot about while shopping, but I am going to continue to be very particular. This past year I didn't find any great discount on an especially precious one, so on to next year...

I am going to try to get ones decorating very differently, but always avoiding the garish red and white so typical. I definitely think that santa would mar the others!

This was MY christmas at home, while the next few images are from my parents'.

I became quite familiar with this image while waiting for the bus to come pick me so I could finally go home and fall asleep in my own bed. After 3 trips on a bus to and from Austin, each time I came back home around 11:20 at night and huddles with my bags for warmth, happiness infused my limbs once this train arrives at the station.

This is just one of the pastel little paper houses on my mom's village. We saw a couple of much larger ones in a few of the shops around Wimberly, but she didn't add to her collection. I am contemplating making my very own though... they aren't too complicated to make!

This is the tree stump lamp that Mom got me for christmas a few years ago... that I was not to happy about. It looks great all lit up though in ehr house. I still say you should pretty much never give christmas themed gifts to someone... on christmas.

Unless it only constitutes a very small part of the gifts that year, like the rat pack christmas CD I got in my stocking this year! That was the best gift ever, even though it was a very last minute find on my mom's part.

While in Walmart right beforehand, we both split up and then found eachother again with newly acquired mysterious packages. So fun!

I can't wait till next year!!


  1. I like the stump! :) I don't know where I would put it but it's flippin' cute!

    And I love your tree! It doesn't just look like a hodgepodge of stuff (like a lot of other people's trees look) It actually looks DECORATED. Good Job!

    The santas are def a little creepy lol, but people say that about my garden gnomes. :)

    I can't wait till next year either, I plan on having my house clean so that decorating can be an event rather than "where in God's name am I going to put this?" :)

  2. hahahaha aw thats funny! Just get rid of some of those wingback chairs hehehe! Thank you about the tree... I would like to get a lot more really special pretty ornaments, but it works for now.

    I never thought of them as creepy!? They remind me of people who collect nut crackers you know? But to me they are more pretty... I like mine hehe.

    I hope that next year I can have a holiday party to show off everything too! One day...

  3. There's another wingback chair on the street. I'm seriously tempted. lol

  4. OMG I remember the stump... I felt so bad for you!!!