Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Christmas '09... Part 2

I swear this is the last christmas 09 update. Promise!

This was my buffet bar area that I never use and never really plan on using for anything useful. I do like that I have it though... Useful for decorating as well as storage! I have all my pens and scissors and tape and batteries, as well as my important documents within easy access here.

Do you not love the wreath? Jen's Mom was so wonderful to make it for me last christmas.

And this little christmas tree is another christmas present from my mom a few years ago which I at first was quite disappointed about, but once the next year came around I decided I could make it work. I think the addition of the candles adds just the right interest! :)


  1. I love this stuff! I love the wreath and the garland!! It looks so comfy and homy and cozy!!!

    And I actually like the little tree thing. It's different but it catches the light just like a real tree would! Very interesting! I might have to find one like that. ::)

  2. Thank you!!!! The warm and cozy was definitely my goal for sure...

    I am glad you like the tree! When I first saw it I didn't have the vision and it just looked wiry and skinny, but with the light it adds the perfect touch. And I like the bells sounding :D