Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Fireplace Mantle

Even though it is not exactly how I would like it to be and there are some adjustments I will make in the future, for now, this is my mantle!

This is one of the three mirrors I bought from Target, and the other two I have hanging vertically in my dining room. I liked it because I was initially going to try to get a venetian style mirror but that ended up being too expensive as well as a bit too gaudy. This was my simpler and cheaper alternative hehe.

I might swap it out for a larger one with an espresso wood frame... I also plan on getting a few more frames that are larger as well. Maybe a few more class candle holders that are even taller. Another trip to Hobby Lobby!!

All these sort of vintage feeling jeweled frames I bought at Hobby Lobby for 50% off. Even the little camouflaged clock I found there!

If I could somehow bring more light into the living room area without this lamp on the mantle I would also like to move this, but I would need to get a chandelier for this.

Do you like my little matchbox?

I have so many candles that I have all the rest of the matchboxes in a larger box on my bar, but this was perfect for the few I need to light my fireplace mantle candles.
I heart candles... and shiny things hehe.

I also printed out all my photos with low degrees of color saturation so that the color wasn't fighting with the actual frames. Since I do not have black and white in my living space, I didn't want to loose all color entirely though. They have more of the appearance of old faded photos but without as much sepia tone.

Now I just need to continue my collection of photos throughout my home! :)


  1. Your house is so glittery lol. I love the sparkle you put in everything. And I love love love all the white, glittery stuff and then wham! Red. But very little of it. It makes it pop.

  2. Aw yay!!!!! I am so glad you really like it!!!

    Its so bad haha I have such a Shiny Ball Syndrome lmao. Its sad, but I love shiny things!

  3. Ooooo! I love that tall glass candle holder! *covet*

  4. yay for walmart haha! I am going to get some even taller glass ones from Hobby Lobby soon too.I want to heighten the overall visual of the picture frames and candle holders. Hobby Lobby just has awesome frames and candle holders hehe.