Monday, March 8, 2010

Oscars 2010

The last and final celebratory day of festivities for 2009 films has ended. What glorious fun!

The night began with a wonderful win by Christian Waltz for his magnificently memorable performance portraying a villainous nazi in Inglourious Basterds. I was so happy because he realy deserved to win for best supporting actor role.

On to the real reason for the Oscars... Fashion!!! hehehe just kidding of course. But really, the dresses worn last night were by far much better overall than the previous award night shows. It was a wonderfully glamorous affair for sure.

My absolute favorite, which I was excited that I finally had one, was Sandra Bullock's. It was so reminiscent of a wedding dress in the diamond embroidery... yet the shape was perfect for a formal evening dress. It began with the vine embroidery at the top, which then pooled to her feet in a silky liquid silver fabric. Love, love, LOVE!

Did I mention I love bling. Shiny! Just beautiful. And of course, she won her very first Oscar!!!

Next up, Carey Mulligan. I pretty much fell in love with her earrings at first, I have to admit. With the lightness of her hair, I think they not only flattered her dress but also her face. Those earrings were way better than going with a necklace! She so rocked the short do.

The front of her gown actually ended rather short above her shoes, which I also loved. At first I was a bit hesitant but in the end I think the top really balances the bottom. Loved the beading....

Annnnnd, the beautiful Anne Kendrick. Her dress really represented the new spring 2010 colors of blush. Beautiful against her skin tone and hair color. Wonderfully romantic and ethereal I thought. Lovely.

The next dress that I found riveting was Elizabeth Banks. When she walked out to present, I was definitely all eyes on her. The blue was again, perfect for the spring season as well as her coloring, and it was just a fun dress! I could just imagine it swooshing and swishing across the red carpet...

All in all, beautiful dresses, and a wonderful event. Not as entertaining as others, but Steven Martin and Alec Baldwin hosted well together to be sure. Now for next year!

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