Monday, October 24, 2011

Rosemary Feta Baked Potatoes

Just another side dish potatoe recipe!

This one just seemed interesting, and really easy (affordable *coughcough*) lol, so I tried it, and it was great!

Potatoes without butter at first totally threw me, but the whole package did taste pretty good. These cheese is the key! Since feta is pretty bitter I usually stay away from it, but this time the bitterness really works in favor.

Definitely a great little potatoe surprise!

Chicken Marsala

This was... AMAZING!

I have never cooked with wine before, but that is so becoming a weekly event lol.

The cooking process itself was a unique experience. I had never tenderized chicken with a meat mallot (shocker, I know) or even fried anything before! I was hesitant at first about the frying, because obviously I do not want to start cooking tons of unhealthy recipes and such, but this specific process wasn't too bad as far as that goes thank goodness. It really just created a very light breaded crust to the chicken.

Instead of button mushrooms, I used cremini mushrooms which were awesome, but I'm pretty sure this would taste great with any mushroom.

I was also really happy with the texture of the chicken! Every time I cook chicken, it always tastes sort of tough. About a year ago though, my mom and I went to this great little restaurant in Fredericksburg, and I had the BEST chicken ever there! It was as tender as tilapia! Crazy! So ever since then, I have been adamant I will be able to cook chicken that tender lol. While this was obviously not exactly perfect, it was definitely much improved from the norm. I will be malloting my meat forever more hehehe.

The whole marsala wine, white wine, cream combo, is freakin fabulous. I think this might be my favorite recipe so far! Very exciting!

This fall I am determined to get at least a few staple recipes down, so this was number one. Let's hope the next is just as yummy!