Monday, October 24, 2011

Chicken Marsala

This was... AMAZING!

I have never cooked with wine before, but that is so becoming a weekly event lol.

The cooking process itself was a unique experience. I had never tenderized chicken with a meat mallot (shocker, I know) or even fried anything before! I was hesitant at first about the frying, because obviously I do not want to start cooking tons of unhealthy recipes and such, but this specific process wasn't too bad as far as that goes thank goodness. It really just created a very light breaded crust to the chicken.

Instead of button mushrooms, I used cremini mushrooms which were awesome, but I'm pretty sure this would taste great with any mushroom.

I was also really happy with the texture of the chicken! Every time I cook chicken, it always tastes sort of tough. About a year ago though, my mom and I went to this great little restaurant in Fredericksburg, and I had the BEST chicken ever there! It was as tender as tilapia! Crazy! So ever since then, I have been adamant I will be able to cook chicken that tender lol. While this was obviously not exactly perfect, it was definitely much improved from the norm. I will be malloting my meat forever more hehehe.

The whole marsala wine, white wine, cream combo, is freakin fabulous. I think this might be my favorite recipe so far! Very exciting!

This fall I am determined to get at least a few staple recipes down, so this was number one. Let's hope the next is just as yummy!

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