Thursday, August 27, 2009

New Bathroom

Ok. So I went to the bookstore to grab some coffee and enjoy the beautiful smell of newly printed books last weekend. Then, innocently indulging in my curiosity, I wandered into the Bed Bath & Beyond next door planning only on window shopping of course. Naive moi.

I ended up leaving with a new shower curtain, towels, a dining room table (which was an excellent find!) and the euro sham pillows I have been needing for the past two months.

So much for being frugal.

On the other hand my bathroom now has a great feel that really accentuates the bedroom as well. The black decor on the shower curtain is actually soft velvet! The mirrored hooks I already had but reflect light much better contrasted against the darker curtain :)

Monday, August 24, 2009

Inglourious Basterds

So this movie was insane.

Amazingly mind blowing, and insane.

Christoph Waltz did the most amazing job at playing his character, the Nazi Jew Hunter, Col. Hans Landa. I know publicity has been focused all on brad pitt who also did a wonderful job in the film, but Christoph Waltz hands down kicked ass.

Chapter One of the film not only kept me completely engrossed in the scene playing out before me but set the stage for the entire following two hours with no dissapointment. The plot unfolded gradually and the ending left me utterly emotionally satisfied.

I officially cannot wait for Quinten Terentino to create another film. This movie for sure will blow out oscar night. AMAZING!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Getting my feet wet

So here is the most recent drawing I have done. The one before was in 2005! .... Needless to say it, has been awhile. But I am getting back into the pool now :D

Le Boudoir!

Yay for the bedroom!! Ok so the color scheme was set on black, blue, silver, and white because my bed was going to be black (thank goodness to Jen's generosity). Buuut, having it set up in my room made me realize that I can just keep the frame and the bed, and remove the foot and headboard and create a new upholstered one!! I purchased the plywood (5' x 4' and lighter than particle board for hanging on the wall) already and I have had the silver fabric for a long time. I drilled holes in the board so that I can create a tufted look once I get the batting and fabric on it. I thought about using another fabric to cover the buttons to tie in all the black, but then realized that I actually do not have to continue with black at all if I don't want to... This has caused much perplexion on my part!!

Also I have not decided if I want to create a more detailed look like the one on the left (excpet I have a queen :D) or a basic simpler one like the right. Also I can just do inward curved corners for an inbetween look... I just love all the white and cream! Stupid black.

My closet is basically an entire wall that I removed the sliding mirror doors and bought some sheer black curtains to hang over the opening, and then was going to get black faux silk curtains to hang along the bedroom patio doors opposite the closet. This would of course be a lot of black... and if I dont have to continue with this theme..... Maybe I can just stick with white and silver and glass. My lamp is glass and I can just purchase a new shade and throw some edged beading on it.

My bedset is blue silver with blue embroidered white sheets. I also purchased a little chandelier that either I will pair with another to hang above each endtable, or center above the bed. Its not too expensive though.

If I continue with the black theme though, I have another painting I would LOVE to throw into the mix as well as a great chandelier that is dramatic enough to put above the bed. Then I also wouldn't have to buy new panels for the closet... and I do like black....

I just love this painting. The black chandelier has the same fabric as the closet panels too.

Art project

I am so relieved and happy to be able to finally indulge my amatuer artistic vision! :P

After doing yet another portrait to get my feet wet, I really got inspired to create an actual art piece on my own. Mainly the painting I wanted for my living room, didnt exist lol. So this is what happens when you can visualize things too well; frustration. Thankfully I think it will be fun to go about working on this.

The overall scheme is a chick dressed up in a masquerade ball gown with the mask and gloves and everything running through a hedge maze. The view will be an angled arial shot from above and to the side facing the girl to best show both the labyrinth and the girl. My plan is to purchase some sort of dressy ballgown costume that will provide the necessary shadow direction and cloth texturing I need to do this well for a model/friend to pose in. I have a great mask already and I plan on heading out to the Arboretum and using a few hedges they have there for the close up background for modeling purposes, but then using a real maze to create the background of the picture.

This picture was one I liked, although my view will be just a bit higher up I think, and I don't know if I want the foresty theme or a more english grand garden theme... less trees and maybe a building tower structure instead.
I am definitely looking forward to having fun with this! It feels so great to actually have that vision and inspiration finally. Now I wish I had the guts to try painting...

Living space plans

So of course I discussed one part of my home, now I must continue through to my living area! I really wish it was chilly outside now so that starting up the fireplace would be cozy but I need to just enjoy the warmth outside while it lasts. Patience pour moi!

Of course I would like another mirror above the fireplace similar to the dining area, but there is also a painting on deviant art I plan to order to place above my velvet olive loveseat. My patio door curtains are a faux silk gold color, so not only does the color scheme pull that it but i also just love the idea behind it

It isnt the great masquerade ball painting I really wanted but apparently that does not exist so I will have to work on that as an art project in the future. (lots of posing, modeling, masks, costumes, and trips to the arboretum in the future for me and others lol). I really like how the woman seems more like a representation of a female than a specific individual. No one likes having strangers on their walls... lol.

I still have to get a slip cover for my sunned out pale pink granny wing back chair (it looks pretty funny right now). I really just wanted a light cream one that wasn't one of those stupid "surefit" covers. Those are so tight because they try to pretentd they aren't slipcovers when it is still obvious as day. Id rather have a comfortable looking tieback cover that has excepted the reality of its existance. Stupid designers.

As for my masquerade maks, I have three now. I am going to get some shelves above the tv and display my collection and maybe a few other things as well. My two bookcases are too crammed right now with books and board games :D These two I purchased on ebay and I also have a white and gold hand held one that matches the living room the best. I will be collecting a lot more as the months wear on; I want to get ones that are much more unique.

These black ones might be moved into my bedroom in the future once I get a larger collection.

I also think I am going to put up another chandelier in the living room, although a more traditional one that the dining area. Its going to be so fun getting everything put together!!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Dining room plans

Hola! Its been awhile. lol Anywho, I am in the works for making my living space the perfect place, but here are a few of the items I plan on purchasing to fill out the dining room. I heart this chandelier so much!!!

On the main wall of the dining room and above the fireplace (to reflect light from the patio doors) I am going to get a couple of venetian style mirrors that hopefully will be well balanced between too much detail and none. These will be expensive though... Maybe one large horizontal rectangle above the fireplace and two small oval shaped ones parallel across the room in the dining area. Mmmmm yes!

I love this oval shaped one and its big enough to not need a double... the plan is to enhance the small amount of light that filters through my patio by bouncing it around everywhere!!! :)

I have a dinette set, although its pretty crappy looking right now. This weekend will involve a much needed paint job, as well as finding a complementary fabric to recover the chair seats. Probably a cream gold base. I found a really fancy tablecloth that I do love although I am hesitant because it might be to detailed... The table set itself will be dark espresso with simple lines which should be ok with a fancy tablecloth, but it might end up looking too grandmaish.

This is the other tablecloth that matches my loveseat right across in the living room, although I do not know how I feel about it being green.....

So this is my dining room plan!!! Since I only have four chairs for the table I am also going to get a bench and fabric it to match so that I can have more seating if I want it when I add the leaf to the table. Dinner parties woot! :D