Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Living space plans

So of course I discussed one part of my home, now I must continue through to my living area! I really wish it was chilly outside now so that starting up the fireplace would be cozy but I need to just enjoy the warmth outside while it lasts. Patience pour moi!

Of course I would like another mirror above the fireplace similar to the dining area, but there is also a painting on deviant art I plan to order to place above my velvet olive loveseat. My patio door curtains are a faux silk gold color, so not only does the color scheme pull that it but i also just love the idea behind it

It isnt the great masquerade ball painting I really wanted but apparently that does not exist so I will have to work on that as an art project in the future. (lots of posing, modeling, masks, costumes, and trips to the arboretum in the future for me and others lol). I really like how the woman seems more like a representation of a female than a specific individual. No one likes having strangers on their walls... lol.

I still have to get a slip cover for my sunned out pale pink granny wing back chair (it looks pretty funny right now). I really just wanted a light cream one that wasn't one of those stupid "surefit" covers. Those are so tight because they try to pretentd they aren't slipcovers when it is still obvious as day. Id rather have a comfortable looking tieback cover that has excepted the reality of its existance. Stupid designers.

As for my masquerade maks, I have three now. I am going to get some shelves above the tv and display my collection and maybe a few other things as well. My two bookcases are too crammed right now with books and board games :D These two I purchased on ebay and I also have a white and gold hand held one that matches the living room the best. I will be collecting a lot more as the months wear on; I want to get ones that are much more unique.

These black ones might be moved into my bedroom in the future once I get a larger collection.

I also think I am going to put up another chandelier in the living room, although a more traditional one that the dining area. Its going to be so fun getting everything put together!!


  1. Try (the love of my life) for the masks.

  2. ok! i found a crapton at earthbound in the mall too; i think they jsut starting stocking them.