Thursday, August 27, 2009

New Bathroom

Ok. So I went to the bookstore to grab some coffee and enjoy the beautiful smell of newly printed books last weekend. Then, innocently indulging in my curiosity, I wandered into the Bed Bath & Beyond next door planning only on window shopping of course. Naive moi.

I ended up leaving with a new shower curtain, towels, a dining room table (which was an excellent find!) and the euro sham pillows I have been needing for the past two months.

So much for being frugal.

On the other hand my bathroom now has a great feel that really accentuates the bedroom as well. The black decor on the shower curtain is actually soft velvet! The mirrored hooks I already had but reflect light much better contrasted against the darker curtain :)


  1. I love that shower curtain! And I totally understand about the lack of frugality. I just spent $20 on Loreena McKennitt albums. Ugh. That's like...the water bill. poo.

  2. hahaha. oooo you will be happy to hear i got my AC fixed yesterday! it needed the frion replaced. now you wont sweat when you come up here lol.