Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Dining room plans

Hola! Its been awhile. lol Anywho, I am in the works for making my living space the perfect place, but here are a few of the items I plan on purchasing to fill out the dining room. I heart this chandelier so much!!!

On the main wall of the dining room and above the fireplace (to reflect light from the patio doors) I am going to get a couple of venetian style mirrors that hopefully will be well balanced between too much detail and none. These will be expensive though... Maybe one large horizontal rectangle above the fireplace and two small oval shaped ones parallel across the room in the dining area. Mmmmm yes!

I love this oval shaped one and its big enough to not need a double... the plan is to enhance the small amount of light that filters through my patio by bouncing it around everywhere!!! :)

I have a dinette set, although its pretty crappy looking right now. This weekend will involve a much needed paint job, as well as finding a complementary fabric to recover the chair seats. Probably a cream gold base. I found a really fancy tablecloth that I do love although I am hesitant because it might be to detailed... The table set itself will be dark espresso with simple lines which should be ok with a fancy tablecloth, but it might end up looking too grandmaish.

This is the other tablecloth that matches my loveseat right across in the living room, although I do not know how I feel about it being green.....

So this is my dining room plan!!! Since I only have four chairs for the table I am also going to get a bench and fabric it to match so that I can have more seating if I want it when I add the leaf to the table. Dinner parties woot! :D


  1. I like the green table cloth lol. Just my opinion. I'm also totally digging the bouncing of light, just beware that at night time, you're going to need lamps.

  2. Yes!! I have been looking for some floor lamps that would match all of this, but I haven't even seen anything remotely close! I need more lighting eeep hehe!!

    I actually found a great gold shimmery table cloth at Bed Bath and Beyond that I bought this weekend! It matched the curtains in the living room exactly its so crazy, and it doesn't have an elaborate pattern which was scaring me a bit lol.