Friday, May 8, 2009

New Apartment

I get to move to a new little place in three weeks time!! I'm so excited and have so many new decorating ideas popping about. I just recently pinpointed by decorating style as vintage modern, made from an amalgamation of:
  • masculine simple clean-lined dark wood furniture
  • feminine textured and patterned fabrics
  • vintage details

I definitely have to find the perfect small scaled chandelier for the dining table! I came across this wonderful antique phone as an example of something fun I hope to have in my home.

My living/dining space will be a mixture of greens, peaches, pinks, creams, and espresso browns. I already purchased an amazingly comfy velvet green tufted love seat that is crying out to be cozied up into with a great long book. And I will have room for two to three bookcases!!! No longer will my library be limited by one-bookshelf-stuffing capacity.

I decided to continue my canvas of white, silver, and black with splashes of stormy blues and grays in my bedroom, but I plan on creating a great patchwork duvet with some fabrics I have already purchased.

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