Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Shopping Chic #1

Going out the other weekend, I put together this little ensemble and I think it all works pretty well!

The top I got from Charlotte Rousse about 4 months ago, and the necklace and cardigan from Rue 21 more recently.
I really like the ruffled shoulders and the back is actually all lace... very flirty.

I wore the pearl strings and silver necklace to tie in the white from my flats. They are actually while knitted lace. Subtle pattern but very cute!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

The Imaginarium of Dr. Parnassus

I was quite anxious to see this film since catching a brief trailer for it randomly. It seemed quite fun visually. Since Heath Ledger died during filming the advertisement for it pretty much didn't happen.

After seeing it I think the story itself was rather lacking... but the visual art direction was everything I anticipated. An odd film really, but quite enjoyable from an artistic standpoint.

Business Casual #1

Using this as more motivation to vary my attire from my usual plaid and jean combo, I am also going to be posting different outfits from my closet.

This one is appropriate for work on fridays, excpet I wouldn't wear the wedge heels. I love these shoes though!!! Perfect peep toe and great support because of the wedge heel.

I think it only works because of the skinny jeans... Any looseness on the bottom would definitely look tacky for sure. Thank goodness I can at least rock those right lol?


Even though I have dreamed of having a farm house white kitchen and creamy white granite counter tops, choosing the right cookware has been difficult.
The fact that copper is pretty much the ultimate... is rather tempting. I am still not sure if in the future I will display my copper cookware collection like now, or if I will keep it in hiding. I guess I can just go with the flow.

I found these at a little antique shop in Dripping Springs Texas. This shop seriously has amazingly wonderful deals!!! My mom and I found this whole set for only $15.00! Most copper cookware you find is blotchy and too damaged really to be useful or be what I want, but the condition of this was absolutley without fault! I almost dont want to use them!

Since my kitchen right now has black appliances, and a red black splash it really works with the current color scheme. Yay for great finds!!!

Tea Cups and Saucers, Oh My!

So we all know I am into the whole white porcelain serving ware. While shopping with my Mom at the amazingly huge and awesome Wimberly Antique Market, I stumbled across this perfect little tea set!

I don't drink tea or ever care too, so the fact that it only including the cups and saucers wasn't a problem for me. I got everything including the little golden plate stands for $10.00!

I just love the detailed filegree and design! Eventually I want to get some type of wall cupboard to house these and possibly a future collection! It would be fun to have several different ones... I might even bring color into the mix!

Thursday, May 6, 2010

The Young Victoria

We all know I love so many things about the Victorian Age, so of course I had to see this film.

Emily Blunt does such a wonderful job and I loved the character she brought in Jane Austen's Book Club so I was interested to see her rendition of the beloved Queen.

A+ of course!

The story that unfolds is lovely concerning her own personal character growth ascending the throne, along with the growth of her love.

All in all a lovely movie!

Monday, May 3, 2010

Hydrangea Buds

My hydrangeas only had 2 flower bundles at first, but I found a new bundle growing behind the others a few weeks later.

It started off as white, but then slowly each day color began seeping into all of the petals! It was really cool to watch!

Also, since I planted a couple of my hanging pots... these are the results! I think the hanging bubble lights add a bit of wimsy, don't you? Hehehe. They look so great at night though! Little floating glowing balls of sun shining against the sky.

The petunias and creeping jenny have done really well with the amount of sun my patio gets. The phlox has been somewhat moody, but I am still not sure if it is due to not enough sunlight (we had a full 2 weeks with mostly cloudiness which didn't help much) or more of a watering issue.

Its definitely been interesting trying to figure out the exact amount of water and sun each plant needs to sustainance.

Toile Towels

So just a small jot of an update really...

While shopping at target primarily just for some cute shoes to wear at work, I side tracked over to the decor section and stumbled upon, you guessed it, Toile!

Now obviously I am not one of those people who likes to completely envelop their rooms in toile. No thank you. But, I do love it as an accent, I can't deny. As I have only had plain black bath towels so far, I was really excited to find a black and white patterned towel that I actually liked!!!

The patternede side has the texture more of a rough dish towel almost, but the back side is pure white and super soft!

I decided only to get hand towels since I did't have any of those, and used a black satin ribbon to tie a bow around each set for presentation purposes.

Yay for Toile!