Monday, May 3, 2010

Hydrangea Buds

My hydrangeas only had 2 flower bundles at first, but I found a new bundle growing behind the others a few weeks later.

It started off as white, but then slowly each day color began seeping into all of the petals! It was really cool to watch!

Also, since I planted a couple of my hanging pots... these are the results! I think the hanging bubble lights add a bit of wimsy, don't you? Hehehe. They look so great at night though! Little floating glowing balls of sun shining against the sky.

The petunias and creeping jenny have done really well with the amount of sun my patio gets. The phlox has been somewhat moody, but I am still not sure if it is due to not enough sunlight (we had a full 2 weeks with mostly cloudiness which didn't help much) or more of a watering issue.

Its definitely been interesting trying to figure out the exact amount of water and sun each plant needs to sustainance.


  1. How absolutely sweet! I love your hydrangeas!! I have decided to give them a try...whenever I get to Lowes. :)

    I love your paper lantern idea!!

    About the phlox, it's probably not a watering problem if the other plants are doing well. It's probably sun or a lack of nutrients. Try using some basic miracle grow. They have different types, but most do the same thing, so just choose whichever is easiest for you. I'm pretty sure they have a fertilizer specifically for flowering plants. Don't water too much or you'll cause root rot, but that usually happens when you water every day...and it rains every day...and the plants can't drain.

    And you should totally take a picture of your patio from the swimming pool at night. :) just use a slow shutter speed and stay very still, if you can put the camera on a ledge that would be better.

  2. I can't change the shutter speed silly! I have a digital camera lol. But it does have best shot settings that let me take pictures at dusk of lights and things so I will hehe.

    I have given the phlox miracle grow feed... all my plants have it. They all are draining well too... ugh. Maybe its a lack of sun. I think thats the one factor that really hit hard for like 2 full weeks!

  3. Digital cameras have shutter speeds too! You should have a manual setting that allows you to be able to change all those settings. I'll show you next time I see you. :)