Thursday, May 13, 2010


Even though I have dreamed of having a farm house white kitchen and creamy white granite counter tops, choosing the right cookware has been difficult.
The fact that copper is pretty much the ultimate... is rather tempting. I am still not sure if in the future I will display my copper cookware collection like now, or if I will keep it in hiding. I guess I can just go with the flow.

I found these at a little antique shop in Dripping Springs Texas. This shop seriously has amazingly wonderful deals!!! My mom and I found this whole set for only $15.00! Most copper cookware you find is blotchy and too damaged really to be useful or be what I want, but the condition of this was absolutley without fault! I almost dont want to use them!

Since my kitchen right now has black appliances, and a red black splash it really works with the current color scheme. Yay for great finds!!!


  1. It's cute!!!! I'm not a huge fan of copper kitchen utensils but I think this goes really well your decor. Good find! (15 freaking dollars!!!!) That's like...better than Ross lol

  2. lmao i know! I love this shop!! Its so freaking awesome; I got the painting there as well!