Thursday, May 13, 2010

Business Casual #1

Using this as more motivation to vary my attire from my usual plaid and jean combo, I am also going to be posting different outfits from my closet.

This one is appropriate for work on fridays, excpet I wouldn't wear the wedge heels. I love these shoes though!!! Perfect peep toe and great support because of the wedge heel.

I think it only works because of the skinny jeans... Any looseness on the bottom would definitely look tacky for sure. Thank goodness I can at least rock those right lol?


  1. Curse you and your skinny legs. LOL! :D I think this looks really great, I like the free-flow of the top with the form fit jeans and the flippin' cute shoes.

  2. Usually my preferred outfit based on my body type hehe. You so have to post some pics of you all dolled up in that dress omg!