Thursday, May 13, 2010

Tea Cups and Saucers, Oh My!

So we all know I am into the whole white porcelain serving ware. While shopping with my Mom at the amazingly huge and awesome Wimberly Antique Market, I stumbled across this perfect little tea set!

I don't drink tea or ever care too, so the fact that it only including the cups and saucers wasn't a problem for me. I got everything including the little golden plate stands for $10.00!

I just love the detailed filegree and design! Eventually I want to get some type of wall cupboard to house these and possibly a future collection! It would be fun to have several different ones... I might even bring color into the mix!


  1. They are so pretty!!!! When I look at white porcelain serving wear, I really like the plain stuff so you can show off your beautiful food concoction instead of people going "what a lovely plate!" but for a tea set I think you've found the perfect blend of soothing white and dainty accents that is perfect for Tea Time!

  2. Aw I love this commentary hehe! So informative lol! Im so glad you like it too!!!