Friday, May 8, 2009

New Apartment

I get to move to a new little place in three weeks time!! I'm so excited and have so many new decorating ideas popping about. I just recently pinpointed by decorating style as vintage modern, made from an amalgamation of:
  • masculine simple clean-lined dark wood furniture
  • feminine textured and patterned fabrics
  • vintage details

I definitely have to find the perfect small scaled chandelier for the dining table! I came across this wonderful antique phone as an example of something fun I hope to have in my home.

My living/dining space will be a mixture of greens, peaches, pinks, creams, and espresso browns. I already purchased an amazingly comfy velvet green tufted love seat that is crying out to be cozied up into with a great long book. And I will have room for two to three bookcases!!! No longer will my library be limited by one-bookshelf-stuffing capacity.

I decided to continue my canvas of white, silver, and black with splashes of stormy blues and grays in my bedroom, but I plan on creating a great patchwork duvet with some fabrics I have already purchased.

Star Trek 2009

Opening night for Star Trek 2009 was quite low key here, yet the film did not disappoint.

The introductions for each of the original characters highlighted their personality quirks and inter-relationships. I want a sequel!!! Overall quite a wonderful experience and I recommend this for an enjoyable evening! :)

The absolute gorgeousness of the two main characters didn't ruin it either; Zachary Quinto is so attractive!!!

My Marque

This marks the beginning of my new stage in life.

Only such pleasurable indulgences as decorating, gardening, and cooking; adventures taken with new and long-cherished authors; and exploratory quests into both the inner streets and the outskirts of the City will be depicted here.

Some few favorite books to introduce include:

  • The Broken Crown series- Michelle West
  • Kushiel's Dart- Jacqueline Carey
  • The Death Gate Cycle- Mercedes Lackey
  • Assassin's Apprentice- Robin Hobb
  • Rhapsody- Elizabeth Haydon

I endeavor to find myself enraptured with new novels on a weekly basis, and the first and original Half-Price Books is just beyond my backdoor.