Monday, February 25, 2013

New Blog!!!

I have a new blog address now!
I will be keeping this blog up but no longer posting, so please come follow me at:
My hope is to be posting more frequently :)
Leave a comment and let me know your thoughts!

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Classic Houndstooth

{Skirt: H&M}
{Blouse/Shoes: Old classics lol}
One of my fav classic skirts this winter. It is a bit limiting in styling since I usually only stick with white and black tops, and sometimes tights, but black and white are pretty classic so I am completely happy with that :D

Etsy Shop

So, since deciding on pursuing art as a major part of my life, one of my goals has been to open up an Etsy shop to sell original drawings and prints. Of course I still have many other things to do to prepare for the opening, but one thing which has been plaguing me is finally complete!
I finally settled on a concept for my etsy shop banner!
Well, at least for now lol.
I still want to play around with it of course, but I am happy with using this as a base to jump off from. I also now have something to base my business cards, thank you notes, and packaging designs off of.
The idea really originated from my love of topiaries! I wanted to use them in the same way many home and shop owners display them on each side of their entrances. I love the charm and welcome they always seem to convey. And its so English! Unfortunately with the dimension limitations set by Etsy, I wasn't able to design something incorporating them that I loved.
Solution? Lamp posts!  Don't ask why lol.
{Lantern #1}                     {Lantern #2}
I ended up drafting a couple different lanterns, then went into Paint and touched them up and incorporated them into a banner. I had to cut it up a lot in order to keep the size right, so afterward drew up a new lamp that fit the proportions much better.
Final result!
Its very simple, but I like it. And I can make it festive for holidays according to my whimsy. 
One little task officially complete!

Friday, February 8, 2013

"Riding" Boots

Finally found some reasonably priced "riding" boots! Yay! Very comfortable, and perfect for gross ick weather lol. 

They are a bit less snug in the calf than perfect, but I don't really mind since I will only be wearing them with jeans and sometimes thick knee high socks.
And yes, I need to get my hair cut lol...