Thursday, December 9, 2010

Renae Taylor Artwork

I finally picked out the artwork for above the fireplace! I am really happy with the white frames and matting; I think it creates a great balance with the mantle. Yay for success!

Now I just have to decide what to do above the couch... Right now I just have my xmas wreath up now, but I think I am going to buy a white frame to parallel these frames but one appropriately sized and horizontal. I am going to do a few sketches and see how they look with about 3 inches of matting in the larger frame, and I think that will be good. Then if I do about 4 different sketches I can change them out intermittently!

Porcelain update!

After yet another well deserved trip to HomeGoods looking for a few larger pieces, this is the final display product! I am finally very happy with this compared to the previous set up. I think the larger pieces were just what it needed (thanks for the imput Maria!). I was going to try to stand two of the white serving trays in the back, but its too difficult to find stands that will hold up that much weight.

This was my knitting needle and crochet hook storage solution! I like displaying them and since I had some extra porcelain I am using them to store things like this. Once I purchase a great shabby chic buffet table to put in this area, these will go on top of that piece. But until then I think this works! :)

I am using an extra tea pot for now for my utensils, but once I find another appropriate sized pitcher I will swap them out. Overall very happy with this! Yay! :D

Monday, November 8, 2010

There Will Be Blood

I finally watched this Oscar and Academy Award winning film of 2007. Yes, finalement.

Originally a friend of mine showed me the very last scene of the film, and I never desired to see it after that. If you have seen this, you know what I speak of.

Nevertheless, this Thursday July and I got together to watch HP, only to discover we had already seen the film. Her backup netflix being this film, I acquiesced gracefully and settled down to be bored.

I was somewhat correct in the beginning (no I do not care about oil), but the cinemetography combined with the magnificent acting completely drew me in. By the end of the film I was hooked. Beautiful character performances; truly wonderful.

Winter Warmth

Now that I have almost completely finished painting my living room (3 woots!!) , I have been unpacking some of my decor accessories and finding them all homes. With the winter coming on, blankets and prepping my fireplace is of the utmost importance.

This little creature I found several months ago at Marshalls while shopping with my mom, and simply loved him!!! He's very vintage looking, but doesn't smell lol. I thought he would be positively comfortable in my blanket basket, and I think he is. His name... is Maurice. *grin*

Another true antique find is this old matchstick holder! I had seen a few different styles of this (black iron versus wood) and ended up buying this one for $10.00. I know anyone could easily make one, but I lack the necessary tools :/

Then I simply spray painted it white (of course lol) and mounted him in the corner of the mantle. I initially was going to put it above the mantle to the right, but as I have plans for an art piece above the mantle, I didn't want this piece to detract from the larger focal painting.

In the end I like it hidden away in this corner :D

I finally got to place all my picture frames above the mantle woot!! And now I actually have several more photos that are in the running, so I might be switching some things out, or they might qualify for the upholstered fabric board that I have yet to create... lol. Too many plans and ideas eeek!!

Ah I am still in love with the green and white. *le dreamy sigh*

White Porcelain Dream

I finally decided on a display for my porcelain tea pots, pitchers, and tea cups!!!

I have had a mild obsession for about a year now, and shopping around Marshalls and Home Goods has definitely not improved the situation!

I couldn't figure out the best way to display my growing collection though, until Tyler randomly handed over a shelf that came with her new house... What a surprise!

I then was vascillating between which wall to mount it on, because although asthetically I liked this wall next to the kitchen of while cabinets, my usual rule is to place some type of mirror across from the wall of windows/patio doors. The effect is to double the amount of natural light in my small apartment basically. In the end asthetics won out over function, and I am happy with my decision!

Since there is a chair rail on this wall as well, that added to the decision making process...

I am so in love with the green I chose splashed up against the white!!! Its just what I wanted! It just exudes freshness to me.

I also plan on purchasing a couple of clear plate holders from Hobby Lobby this weekend and adding in a couple of my porcelain plates to the background. Eventually I would like one or two more larger pitchers as well. Ah joy.

All Hallows Eve

This year I actually decorated... for a Party!!! This was not located at my abode, but due to Tyler's need to complete her kitchen cabinet painting project prior to our event, I got to do the majority of the decorating. Lights... were everywhere hehe.

This is the mantle, and I just added the pumpkin lights and my old creepy tree with some cobwebs for effect. I definitely think this turned out great!

I love this creepy tree....

Another project that was important to me to attempt was a hanging Happy Halloween sign. I purchased some simple cream colored card stock at Hobby Lobby, and then just drew out all the letters with a pen. This calligraphy style I designed myself!

I wanted to try to burn the cardstock to age it, but I simply ran out of time... :(

I am keeping the sign, so next year or maybe even this week, I will try that.

I hung it up in the dining room with black satin ribbon, and then made 4 bows to attach at the ends. The picture only shows 2, but I added the other 2 afterwards and it really made a difference.

I plan on making one for Christmas too but with pale gold paint for the lettering, white shimmery snow cardstock, and a pale green ribbon, to hang from my mantle like the lights above. I am really excited about that project; there is always room for improvement and most of the time I have to do a trial before I come up with better ideas.

There multiple other decorating details, but I did not have time to photo op them prior to the party, and Tyler took everything down before she said she would. I had several black lace spider web door frame hangings, a table runner, and a table cloth for the kitchen island that really looked wonderful. All the windows were trimmed in orange lights as well.

The entire atmosphere was wonderful, so next year it should just be even better! :D

This was my pirate costume! It really looks more like a muskateer, but eh. My story was I am really just a very successful pirate... who likes hats. I have a hat fettish apparently lol.

I am modifying the hat to go with the outfit more, but didn't have time to do it prior to the party. Upcoming blog post hehe!!

For the Love of Maria

All the fun shenanigans we get up to are too numerous to enumerate here, but here is just a taste!!!

The first weekend she came up to Dallas for Six Flags and shopping.

We ended up going on a Fright Fest weekend, and altough we didn't stay that night we did meander across some frightening individuals. You can see the fear in my eyes, right?

My lovely knitting buddy, enjoying a home brew of tea (not coffee what??!!) which hadn't quite had its calming effect yet... ;P She really does love me, I swear.

A couple of weeks later, I drove down to her place and we spent all day Saturday at Ren Fest!

There were a few items I simply couldn'y resist, namely another addition to my mask collection (this one is actually made out of leather and really comfortable!), a fox tale for my future forest nymph costume, and of course Pineapple on a Stick!

We had a lot of fun being simply silly.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Patio Projects

So I am still working on creating the right atmosphere for my patio, which is sort of ridiculous considering its soon going to be freezing weather outside not conducive to drinking much of anything outside. Yet I still forge onward...

This little bird statue I had purchased awhile ago, but it had been a very dark stone color, and the features of the bird were subsequently not as obvious. I just thought it was too cute and decided to spray paint it pale blue to make it more wimsical and happy.

Maria helped me out with this one, and although she doubted my brilliant plan at first, in the end she agreed that it was super cute! :D
I am keeping my eyes out for any other little statues that are the same style; I would love to have one or two more chilling on the rail of my patio.

My next project involved somehow using the birdcages. I have planned on filling them with different sized pillar candles which I still like, but they the functionality of that deterred me. I doubt I would ever put the effort into lighting them all often. Instead I decided to fill them with different types of moss purchased at Hobby Lobby, and entertwining xmas lights within.

I am pretty happy with the outcome, although I think a couple of lanterns done the same way might actually look better. The lights are invisible during the day becaus the cords are dark green, which I do like, They almost look just as good during the day. I might tweak the lights again do that more show through the bars.... Always in search of perfection hehe.

I needed something in that corner and I am happy with this idea.

These are my current lantern lights along with my teapot windchime! I doubt I will ever change these two, because I heart them so. They look so inviting from afar!

Owls by Candlelight

This year, just like the years before, I knew I wanted to create my own pumpkin patterns.

The theme I settled on was Owls, maily because... they are awesome hehe. These were my last two designs, the tree being the 3rd. I think that one is my favorite... maybe. I really like how the bark turned out, but then I also really like the stars and overall concept of the 2nd. They both have little owls though!

These two types of owls I plan on using in other designs as well, and I am thinking about creating a whole little line of forest creatures to use for sewing and other craft projects. I might have to bring out the clay for these hehe.

This is a close up of the 2nd pumpkin I carved. I really like this one...

This little guy was my first trial; he's holding his little baby on the tree branch. I like that idea, but I think the other owls are way better. I may try the same idea but using the other owl images next time... we will see.

I just love coming up with ideas for carving! I also was thinking about doing 3 different falling leaves with the veins and everything, but after carving so many... I just didnt find the time. There is always next year though!!!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Birdcage Veil: The Only Option

So many options!!!

I don't even have a definitive dress shape picked out, but I know I want a birdcage veil. You may laugh, I know.

Even within this small category, there are so many different styles to choose from...

This would be the traditional full coverage veil, but I think this would be too uncomfortable to wear, and I don't like the way it looks very well either. At least its not my favorite.

This type I think is extremely flattering, but its not REALLY a veil. More just added decor the the hair. I might end up doing that any way but I was hoping for a little bit of a veil to lift at least...

This option I am leaning toward the most. Its not too much froo froo, and covers just enough I think! Very classy, elegant, and girly hehe!

And.... I just love this lace headband concept!!! I just need this to wear daily lol

Monday, October 18, 2010

Rustic Elegance

I have named my prospected wedding theme several months ago, but was side tracked with other life events during this time. Having yet another acquaintenance entering the married world brought me back to the thought process, and speaking in depth with Marias new shift in theme inspired me again!

My colors again are: deep red, cream, gold, dark rich brown, and a touch of leafy green. I explained to Maria recently the "feel" I want to emit with the arrangements. Its difficult to explain adequatly, but I am going to try officially! :D

There are particular conceptual elements that I want to incorporate specifically.

1. Obviously a woodland autumn season will be the setting and backdrop (minus orange and yellow)
2. Vague and nonspecific vintage antique elements that tickle the mind with the idea of another time and place, but do not blaringly shout a particular era or decade. I want to subtly suggest the past and timelessness in order to parallel with our commitment to eachother.
3. I also want to create a feeling of not only being in a seperate time and age, but an alltogether different place. Another world where the evils of ours cannot enter. Joy only will be permitted.

More specific things to include:

1. Wimsical things that I simply love will hopefully be spattered throughout to highlight both of our personalities. (birdcages, twigs and branches,
2. Riddles. There must be riddles. I might incorporate this into either the invitation cards, or pull it into a scavenger riddle hunt outside for the reception, or proceed with both ideas but directly relating to eachother.
3. I still would like to make the silent vintage film portraying our "love story", with a humorous and funloving perspective, to be played sometime during the dinner. Obviously that will be most in need of outside help.
4. Long rustic wooden feast tables will be arranged parallel to eachother, with the wedding party table facing .
5. Twinkle lights will be a must have since the ceremony and reception will last from the evening into the night.
6. And way too many others to list right now...

Here were my finds on Etsy that I either loved completely and entirely or plan on tweaking somewhat for the big day. Or don't want to use, but loved anyway...

I love the hanging birdcage lights here, as well as the entire feast table set up. Very close to my concept, but adjusting the color palette accordingly of course.

I love the idea of vintage stamped images to use either for place cards at the table or in the invitations somehow. Im not sure how I would use the idea in the end, but I like it.

Lighting will be hugely important because... I love candle and fire lighting lol. These are actually really great and I love the idea. I am leaning more toward filling hanging bird cages or lanterns like in the picture below, but with moss and twigs and these twinkle lights contained within rather than just simple candles. That way... the flames won't go out!

I am really looking forward to implementing this, since for once I absolutely know what I want regarding this idea. Yay for one concrete decision!!!

Not that I need to make any concrete decisions...

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

New Apartment

It is finally time, for a new space. After thorough research and several priority lists later, I found a place! Its a bit smaller than the place I have now, but because the kitchen isnt sectioned off as much and has all white cabinets, it feels larger because of that.

There of course are all of the must haves- patio, fireplace, separate bathroom, good lighting, and a nice bright kitchen space.

Here are my plans as far as painting goes:

Bedroom- stormy gray blue
Bathroom- gray
Living room- cream/beige
Dining room above chair rail- cream/beige
Dining room below chair rail- green diamond pattern
Kitchen- ????

I cant wait till everything is put in place and finally complete!

Monday, June 14, 2010

Formal Dining

I need dining room lighting!!! Ok... I don't necessarily neeeed it I admit. I had originally planned on purchasing something more recently but now that it is beginning to reach the time for another move, I suspect I will wait until I have moved in competely.

Here are the chandeliers I am eyeballing now! This one I like simply because of the white... but Im not sure its the right look I want. This next one is too small for the feel I am looking to create, but I thought it was super cute! Maybe for an extra light in the living room or bedroom perhaps... Prob bedroom if there is no fan already installed.

These two are really what I am debating between. They both seem to offer the same amount of lighting which should be perfect. I do plan on getting 2 matching sconces to flank my dining room mirrors, but those have been more difficult to find than I thought.

This one seems like it would work well, but I am not sure about the bead crystals along the stems. I have never really liked that... but the hanging tear drops I do favor.

This one will probably end up being the one and only (versus the white shade chandelier) mainly because I like the sloping chain of crystals.

I am just not quite sure.... we will see I guess!!

Monday, June 7, 2010

Victorian Charm

Since my bedroom is very black, silver, and grey with an elizabethian style... I wanted frames to highlight this era without adding too much glitz. These frames were at Marshalls as well, but I really love the monotone theme of each one which really draws attention to all the filagree.

I am again, still needing to develop the the actual photos for the frames but I have chosen them and done all the appropriate cropping and editing. I only print black and white photos for my bedroom because... I hate the asthetic look of colored prints in that room. Too much color...

I am planning on trying to find only white, pink, blue, and gray frames while keeping away from black simply because I have enough black everywhere already and I like having the pops of subdued soft color.

If I get lucky I might be able to create a collage of these types of frames above my headboard... but I am not confidant I willbe able to find any larger than 4 x 6. I would absolutely love to find more portrait frames!!! They are soo Victorian!!!

Jeweled Frame Additions

Two more frames to add to my fireplace mantle collection!! I still have to get the photos developed but I was too excited to wait... The two 4 x 6 frames in the background are the new ones I purchased from Marshalls recently. I believe they were $7.00 each...

Pretty much anything jeweled is reserved for my living room, and the other frames for my bedroom.

The Cambridge Poets

While purusing the multiple aisles of Half Price, I meandered my way experimentally over to the vintage book section just to see if I could find anything inspirational. To my surprise, I did!!!

The most exciting find, although not asthetically, was William Wordsworth's Complete Poetic Collection. I was so excited because he is by far one of my top 5 favorites, and to find a complete anthologic collection, with his biography detailing his life's influence on his poems, was so special. And... its a 1904 publication!!! I was so happy.

Then I went out on a limb and purchased another poem collection by Riley. I honestly liked the binding and lettering and since it was only a $5.00 purchase, I decided it would be a worth while leap of faith.
Finally, I picked up an old English lady's poclet book of Madame Bovary! I already have this in a typical paperback but I couldn't pass up the surprising find... ah well hehehe.

Tea Time

Ok we all know I don't actually use tea pots for tea, but rather for coffee instead (my one true love)! I had found the tea cups and saucers at the Wimberly Market Days when I went with Mom in March, but the tea pot I fell upon while in... you guessed it... Ross hehe.

The price? $5.00!! I was just so shocked at the similar design and had to have it.

I would like to find a good display shelf for a lot of my porcelain, but for now I am forced to use my old media stand...

Creative Creatures

I know this is so very very random, but when I found this little fellow at Ross... I couldn't resist!

He looks almost like a cross between a cat and a mouse hehe! I totally am in love though and I like that having him in the living room brings out a few of the other sterling silver elements in the room (my TV stand for instance from Target that I end up using all too often).

I just think the little guy is a fun.

Delightful Dining

Along with the white porcelain serving ware I have been continuously on the lookout for, I have also been keeping my eye out for the right table linens and accessories as well.

I have had the candlesticks and holders (Hobby Lobby finds, each!) for several months now but just recently found the tablecloth and napkin rings.

We shouldn't be surprised about the crystal of course... but I was so surprised and excited to find perfectly matching napkin rings!

I was wandering Ross yet again, looking for really anything and everything, and found a box of four of them for $10.00. At first I was hesitant to get them since it wouldn't be a full 8 set, but eventually convinced myself it would still be worth it.

I of course followed this purchase with a 2-3 week hunt at every nearby Ross I could find hoping to stumble across another set of 4... and I finally found another box this past friday at a place all the way up in Plano. So worth it! Nothing could really match any better!!

Then the tablecloth was an extremely random find at Marshalls for $6.00. I wasn't sure it would fit in very well, but the brown really pulls it through to the living room wonderfully. I just love having a bold pattern somewhere finally, which I can also switch out at leisure!

While I do not plan on buying the dining set I want until after my next move for convenience, I am thinking about slipcovering my two chairs with simple cotton white. Not only will it tie in beautifully with the serving ware, but then when I do get my set I can still keep these two chairs for extra as needed seating! I like my plan... hehe.