Monday, June 7, 2010

Victorian Charm

Since my bedroom is very black, silver, and grey with an elizabethian style... I wanted frames to highlight this era without adding too much glitz. These frames were at Marshalls as well, but I really love the monotone theme of each one which really draws attention to all the filagree.

I am again, still needing to develop the the actual photos for the frames but I have chosen them and done all the appropriate cropping and editing. I only print black and white photos for my bedroom because... I hate the asthetic look of colored prints in that room. Too much color...

I am planning on trying to find only white, pink, blue, and gray frames while keeping away from black simply because I have enough black everywhere already and I like having the pops of subdued soft color.

If I get lucky I might be able to create a collage of these types of frames above my headboard... but I am not confidant I willbe able to find any larger than 4 x 6. I would absolutely love to find more portrait frames!!! They are soo Victorian!!!


  1. I love love love these!!! I'm def going to go to marshall's and copy you lol. Great find!!!

    And I agree with you that they need to be a color other than black. You have a lot of black in the bedroom and to continue the black into your accents I THINK would be too much. But you might find something perfect :)

  2. I definitely agree! It would be awesome if I could break up the blac and white by painting the walls blue... but alas hehe. Maybe at the next appartment though.