Monday, June 7, 2010

Creative Creatures

I know this is so very very random, but when I found this little fellow at Ross... I couldn't resist!

He looks almost like a cross between a cat and a mouse hehe! I totally am in love though and I like that having him in the living room brings out a few of the other sterling silver elements in the room (my TV stand for instance from Target that I end up using all too often).

I just think the little guy is a fun.


  1. ha! He is too cute!!!! For me, he reminds me of Halloween (my FAV time of year) but in a way that I can keep him around all year. :)

    That's it! I'm shopping at Ross from now on lol

  2. Eeeexcellent! My plan all along was to create an addict in you muahahahahahaha!!!! Mainly so that we can shop together lol...