Monday, June 7, 2010

Delightful Dining

Along with the white porcelain serving ware I have been continuously on the lookout for, I have also been keeping my eye out for the right table linens and accessories as well.

I have had the candlesticks and holders (Hobby Lobby finds, each!) for several months now but just recently found the tablecloth and napkin rings.

We shouldn't be surprised about the crystal of course... but I was so surprised and excited to find perfectly matching napkin rings!

I was wandering Ross yet again, looking for really anything and everything, and found a box of four of them for $10.00. At first I was hesitant to get them since it wouldn't be a full 8 set, but eventually convinced myself it would still be worth it.

I of course followed this purchase with a 2-3 week hunt at every nearby Ross I could find hoping to stumble across another set of 4... and I finally found another box this past friday at a place all the way up in Plano. So worth it! Nothing could really match any better!!

Then the tablecloth was an extremely random find at Marshalls for $6.00. I wasn't sure it would fit in very well, but the brown really pulls it through to the living room wonderfully. I just love having a bold pattern somewhere finally, which I can also switch out at leisure!

While I do not plan on buying the dining set I want until after my next move for convenience, I am thinking about slipcovering my two chairs with simple cotton white. Not only will it tie in beautifully with the serving ware, but then when I do get my set I can still keep these two chairs for extra as needed seating! I like my plan... hehe.


  1. Aw! It looks so pretty! When I come up we shall have a wonderful dinner! :) We will cook and dine and have oodles of fun!

  2. Excellent hehehe! That would be a lovely experience... we will have to grill I think!