Monday, June 7, 2010

The Cambridge Poets

While purusing the multiple aisles of Half Price, I meandered my way experimentally over to the vintage book section just to see if I could find anything inspirational. To my surprise, I did!!!

The most exciting find, although not asthetically, was William Wordsworth's Complete Poetic Collection. I was so excited because he is by far one of my top 5 favorites, and to find a complete anthologic collection, with his biography detailing his life's influence on his poems, was so special. And... its a 1904 publication!!! I was so happy.

Then I went out on a limb and purchased another poem collection by Riley. I honestly liked the binding and lettering and since it was only a $5.00 purchase, I decided it would be a worth while leap of faith.
Finally, I picked up an old English lady's poclet book of Madame Bovary! I already have this in a typical paperback but I couldn't pass up the surprising find... ah well hehehe.


  1. aw! I love how library-y this looks!

  2. hehehe its so official looking right? lmao.