Monday, July 30, 2012

Living Room Design Plan

Getting closer and closer!!! I finished repainting my living room last night (yes, I said repainted lol, we will get into that later) and I finally feel good about that aspect. I decided to put together this little reference board though to help me visualize what I am going for.

Et Viola!

1.  Target bookshelves, check.

2.  Painted the walls a light grey, and have white furniture accents. Check.

3.  Looking for a pattern like the above for the curtains.

4.  Pillow, check. Need to grab a couple more and the throw as well.

5.  I need just a couple baskets for storage (yarn, ect.) and I really like these...

6.  I don't have a living room light, so I am using just my table lamp right now. I would like to get a floor lamp for the far corner with this style so that I can actually have enough light to knit at night lol.

But that should be pretty much it! What I am using for my side table is actually an old piano bench, and I need to sand and restain it so that it is dark like the bookshelves, and then I want to have a removable cushion for it as well possibly... But thats a project for leisure later on really.  

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

New Vanity Addition

Yet another Pinterest idea turned reality. These are a couple of ways to display jewelry I found, and decided to create my own version.

See, I HAVE been busy lol. Since moving and unpacking and organizing everything, I am trying to get everything done just right the FIRST time, so I won't have all these projects in the back of my head heckling me. They really do heckle me lol.

Pinned ImagePinned Image

I actually love the tree idea (I would do more of an all white version) but I ended up going with the more conservative version instead. Its just more classic and goes with my room in its entirety.

I just purchased an empty frame from Hobby Lobby, painted it white (they didn't have the dimensions I needed in white), and that was it! Yet another easy storage solution!

I discovered I have a theme going; apparently I love pearls lol.

Thank goodness for costume jewelry! I am glad my personal tastes haven't changed over the past few years and I have been able to maximize the value of my purchases. Its not something you think about when you are young, but as I have gotten older I have spent more time trying to focus on purchases that I know I will love and use over many years, rather than buying something I will only value temporarily. Such an important Style Rule!

Its never stylish to waste money lol.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Let the Festivities Commence!

I have had so many ideas for gatherings and evening parties over the years that I would love to host, and yet I have not once actually realized any of them.

Sad and shameful!

I am too social a person not to be able to occasionally throw a small shindig for those I care about. I feel like those moments in life sort of crystalize all the good and happy feelings of humanity into one clear powerful feeling of joy.

I should be more joyful...

Pinned Image

There are a few reasons:

1. I haven't really had a group of friends in Dallas that actually get along well together since college.
2. My previous apartment seemed too closed up and lacked enough seating for guests.

I am determined to fix this dilemma though, since at least #2 I am already in the process of fixing. The floorplan is more open so guests wouldn't feel so claustraphobic, and there is a rather large patio for overflow. I have a loveseat and now have room for a comfy side chair as well, and then I already have a bench I can pull out. My dining table wouldn't fit more than four so only small dinner parties would work, but I can do appetizers and drinks no problem.

Now I just have to execute my plans in that respect, and then be more aggressive with fixing the former problem. I am putting together a small group to go dancing next wednesday and maybe grab dinner, so I am using that as a little trial run lol to see how people get along. Hoping for great fun! Of course this would be a lot easier if my closest friends didn't live outside of Dallas lol... mais c'est la vie.

{Lindsey and I ready to go out to Uptown for a bday celebration}

But I made a new lovely friend this past weekend! I had known Lindsey for awhile, but we recently bonded over a shared love of classic british poetry followed by a night of swing dancing. She is lovely, and am excited to have more fun with her! It is so rare finding friends with similar tastes and passions...


1. House Warming Party- Once I finish painting and get another chair for the living room, this is sooo on. Probably will serve appetizers, drinks, and possibly do some grilling (for a girl on a budget lol). Really just an excuse to get together, eat, gossip, and possibly play some games. Combine with #2?

2. Pool/Grilling Party- My patio is literally about 4 yards away from the pool, so this could be a super fun and relaxed get-together. I would likely limit it to maybe 6-8 people, but I think this could be a really great time! And I could do it relatively soon...

Pinned Image

{This is not my pool lol}

3. Murder Mystery Dinner Party- I have one 1920's themed game, and another 1950's themed game begging to be played. My setback was always figuring out how to fit 8 whole people at a dinner table though. Solution? Instead of having an actual dinner, have 1-2 appetizers and drinks. That way people can sit anywhere really and use the full expanse of my apartment.

4. Board Game Night- Love. I have several fun social games like Taboo, HP clue, Skipbo, ect. I could provide a couple of simple appetizers so no one passes out lol, and then a few drinks. This wouldn't be too much trouble I think... And I definitely know of 4-6 peeps who would enjoy this!

5. Harry Potter Party- I know this is so overdue lol, but I think everyone in my generation would have fun with this. Step One of the night, sort everyone into their respective houses with a little quiz haha! Followed by everyone doffing the appropriate house paraphenalia of course. Butter beer will be a must....

6. Dinner Party- Only 4 people all together, but we could have a classic dinner party and maybe extend it into a movie night too. I would actually have an excuse to cook lol.

Pinned Image

{How fun would this be! Maybe not in the summer in Texas but...}

7. Award Show Party- Of course this will have to wait for February when the Oscars and such begin, but I can have a group of 6 over for dinner, and move the table in front of the couch for a fun evening watching all the actors on the red carpet and dining together. Definitely going to have a little betting game going on though beforehand on the winners of the top awards like Best Actor/Actress and such though! So really, this is all about betting and dining lol. One problem, the new TV I purchased (from craigslist for $20 since my 7 year old one broke during the move and I am poor right now lol) only plays DVDs, not anything through cable because the outlet this is broken. Thank goodness this wouldn't be till 2013 anyways, whew.

Monday, July 23, 2012

Professional Fashionista

I'm finally free!!! From scrubs that is. Woot! Evil soul crushing paper garments. Ick.

I finally decided to go professional at work and dump the scrubs, even though I knew I would have to spend a bit of money creating a work appropriate wardrobe.

It was just so frustrating having to spend $65 dollars on one set of scrubs, made from crappy material, that never fit. I spend less money on clothes that I actually LIKE. And it didn't look very professional at all having to wear clothes that were way to big because apparently everyone who wears scrubs is freakin massive. Anyway, thank god thats over. Now I get to indulge in colors I love every day!!!

So for now, the basic sillouhettes include:

1. Skinny jeans, loose top, *optional blazer/cardigan*, heels/flats
2. Waist high pencil skirt, loose tucked in blouse, *optional cardigan*, heels
3. Wait high wide leg trousers, tucked in blouse, heels
4. Dress, cardigan/blazer, heels
5. Classic trouser, tunic blouse, heels

It's definitely different trying to dress in a semi-professional environment, but I think I am doing a pretty good job of blending that and my own personal style. :D

Thrift Store Finds: Spice Rack turned Nail Polish Rack

Yay! Another fun project completed!

Found this spice rack at CCA for $3.... I love a good deal lol.  

Spattered some paint on it, nailed it up, et viola! I think its absolutely perfect for my new vanity area. And it was so easy! In my new apartment I don't have a seperate vanity area, so coming up with creative storage solutions for all my girly things so that my actual bathroom is crisp and clean for guests, is definitely something I am working on.

I got the idea from Pinterest of course, so I can't take all the credit. But at least the execution was all me :P

I just need one more though, to cover the overflow of nail polish still left on my vanity, and it will be perfect! Def a fun way to display my favorite nail colors hehe!

Friday, July 20, 2012

I'm Getting Married!!!... one day hopefully haha

Pinned Image

It's true. You have no idea. Or maybe you do.

I have been drowning in getting my apartment done (painting/unpacking/projects), so in the meantime I thought it would be fun to post a little taste of my "One Day" Board on Pinterest.

Because its simply fabulous, and everyone must share in the fabulousness lol.


This will end up being some combination of cream, lace, beading or embroidery, a form fitting silhouette, and a neckline other than strapless. And it will be amazing. Fo sho.

Pinned Image

Pinned Image

Pinned Image

Pinned Image

Pinned Image

Pinned Image

Pinned Image


Pinned Image

Since of course I am minus one bridegroom, all the fun and excitement of hanging with my girls is something I am selfishly looking forward to. And lots of girly drinks lol.

Pinned Image


For the dresses... 

Pinned Image
Pinned Image

Pinned Image

Pinned Image
Pinned Image

Pinned Image


Sparkly diamonds Oh My! hahaha

Pinned Image

Pinned Image

Pinned Image

Pinned Image

Pinned Image

Monday, July 9, 2012

Moving, Again.

So this is the third apartment I have made my home since I started this blog.


Well, at least I can say that with each move my rent has been less and less expensive lol. I think I hit the bottom of the barrel with this one though, so definitely not moving again until I either get into medical school or choose another career move.

I lucked out pretty well with this one. Although the exterior leaves more than something to be desired *le sigh* the interior has a lot of potential, and the floor plan is perfect for my furniture and lifestyle.

The other apartments I toured in my price range had teeny tiny kitchens, I'm not even sure I would qualify them as kitchens lol, while this one actually has a relatively good sized one.

AND a window!
Quelle surprise!

You have no idea how significant that is until you have to live in a dungeonesque apartment with only one source of light.

Before I put everything up on the walls and such I have to paint, so will be working on that this month. Then I will actually be able to completely unpack and put things up on the bookshelves and such. Yay!

OMG the closet. Oh the closet. Its literally 6' x 9'. Craziness. This is very good though because while I have nowhere near enough clothes to actually utilize half that space, I can store all my holiday decorations and random crap here without any problem. Of course I could use this as an excuse to beef up my wardrobe.... lol. Oh like I need an excuse. Hahaha oh I crack myself up.

This is the exact floorplan.

The flow is really great! It just feels very comfortable.

Ok so the actual move... was a disaster. Not going to get into all the depressing horror, but needless to say it was to most stressful move ever. And to top it all off, I broke my TV. Sadness! That has been with me for seven years, and it finally keeled over. Have to move that up to the top of the "To Purchase" list now dang it all, but it was time to get a new one anyway. The timing could have been a liiittle more convenient though, not gonna lie.

I made a list though of all the random crap I need. A lot of it is like, storage and organizational stuff. Boring, but functional.

Then a few decor items! Curtains for the living room windows, couch pillows, and a throw or two. I have to pick a new color scheme for the living space, and while I definitely have settled on a light grey for the walls, I still have to decide on the few pops of accent color I want.... so many choices!

This next month will be busy for sure, but not gonna stress about any of it. I have done this enough times lol.