Monday, July 23, 2012

Professional Fashionista

I'm finally free!!! From scrubs that is. Woot! Evil soul crushing paper garments. Ick.

I finally decided to go professional at work and dump the scrubs, even though I knew I would have to spend a bit of money creating a work appropriate wardrobe.

It was just so frustrating having to spend $65 dollars on one set of scrubs, made from crappy material, that never fit. I spend less money on clothes that I actually LIKE. And it didn't look very professional at all having to wear clothes that were way to big because apparently everyone who wears scrubs is freakin massive. Anyway, thank god thats over. Now I get to indulge in colors I love every day!!!

So for now, the basic sillouhettes include:

1. Skinny jeans, loose top, *optional blazer/cardigan*, heels/flats
2. Waist high pencil skirt, loose tucked in blouse, *optional cardigan*, heels
3. Wait high wide leg trousers, tucked in blouse, heels
4. Dress, cardigan/blazer, heels
5. Classic trouser, tunic blouse, heels

It's definitely different trying to dress in a semi-professional environment, but I think I am doing a pretty good job of blending that and my own personal style. :D

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