Monday, July 9, 2012

Moving, Again.

So this is the third apartment I have made my home since I started this blog.


Well, at least I can say that with each move my rent has been less and less expensive lol. I think I hit the bottom of the barrel with this one though, so definitely not moving again until I either get into medical school or choose another career move.

I lucked out pretty well with this one. Although the exterior leaves more than something to be desired *le sigh* the interior has a lot of potential, and the floor plan is perfect for my furniture and lifestyle.

The other apartments I toured in my price range had teeny tiny kitchens, I'm not even sure I would qualify them as kitchens lol, while this one actually has a relatively good sized one.

AND a window!
Quelle surprise!

You have no idea how significant that is until you have to live in a dungeonesque apartment with only one source of light.

Before I put everything up on the walls and such I have to paint, so will be working on that this month. Then I will actually be able to completely unpack and put things up on the bookshelves and such. Yay!

OMG the closet. Oh the closet. Its literally 6' x 9'. Craziness. This is very good though because while I have nowhere near enough clothes to actually utilize half that space, I can store all my holiday decorations and random crap here without any problem. Of course I could use this as an excuse to beef up my wardrobe.... lol. Oh like I need an excuse. Hahaha oh I crack myself up.

This is the exact floorplan.

The flow is really great! It just feels very comfortable.

Ok so the actual move... was a disaster. Not going to get into all the depressing horror, but needless to say it was to most stressful move ever. And to top it all off, I broke my TV. Sadness! That has been with me for seven years, and it finally keeled over. Have to move that up to the top of the "To Purchase" list now dang it all, but it was time to get a new one anyway. The timing could have been a liiittle more convenient though, not gonna lie.

I made a list though of all the random crap I need. A lot of it is like, storage and organizational stuff. Boring, but functional.

Then a few decor items! Curtains for the living room windows, couch pillows, and a throw or two. I have to pick a new color scheme for the living space, and while I definitely have settled on a light grey for the walls, I still have to decide on the few pops of accent color I want.... so many choices!

This next month will be busy for sure, but not gonna stress about any of it. I have done this enough times lol.

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