Tuesday, May 22, 2012

New Apartment

I'm moving to a new place! At first I was looking for a little studio apartment, but the price difference between that and a one bedroom was just so insignificant, I sprung for the latter again. I'm taking this change as an opportunity to change up my color scheme, and I have fallen in love with GREY.

I have several white furniture pieces, as well as a few dark espresso wood bookshelves. I think the addition of some baskets would be a good way to introduce some texture as well as soften the dark woods. I think Garden Ridge has a great supply so I may check them out...

I need to pick my accent pop of color though! Hmmmm.

I really love the wall of art with all the white frames. Its sort of an extension of the simplified version I did over my bed. And it would be a great place to feature some of my sketches in my home! OOooOOo. I'm excited.

Also, now I won't have my own sink and vanity area seperate from the bathroom, so I need a vanity! I have always thought they were so cute, so hopefully I can find something a bit like this...

or this...

I really love the idea of all the hooks here as well! This way you don't have to put so many holes in the wall lol.

And speaking of vanities, I definitely want to come up with a way to hang my necklaces. Right now I just have them hanging from nails in the wall itself, but I love the idea of using a frame! I don't think any girl would NOT want to display her jewelry.

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  1. ooooOOOOoooo! One thing I love about moving is redesigning your living space. I can't wait to see what you come up with! :D