Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Christmas 2011

Um, yea. So my lack of a camera prior to Christmas thwarted me from posting anything for quite awhile.
But any guesses as to what Santa got me? A Camera!!! And the exact same one that had been stolen!
So here, finally, are some snapshots I was able to take when I came home from Austin.

I made some ornaments last year for my tree which I still love. Using a white snow tube paint, I drew on large snowflakes over green ornaments I purchased at Hobby Lobby. I then sprinkled some snow glitter immediately while the snowflakes were still wet. I loved how they turned out!

My next plan will be to create an ornament wreath with the plain as well as embellished balls for my front door. I had purchased some balls already, but the store ran out of the dark green I needed, hence the wait... At least it will be an easy project! 

My mantle! I had to change my christmas tree last year, so stopped with just the tree. This year I was able to add to my reindeer winter woodland theme with a new advent calender from Joannes, a white glitter reindeer from Michaels, a wreath, some bottle neck glitter trees, and a cute tree birdhouse from Home Goods.

Needless to say, there was some hunting involved to get everything put together lol.

I didn't even use the advent calender though! It was already a week into Christmas by the time I found it... can't wait till this Christmas though!

I added the pale green velvet ribbon to the deer.
I really hadn't found a set of 3 stockings I loved, so just purchased some simply white ones. I decided to individualize them a bit with letters for me and my two babies Bowser and Sasha.

I just made a bunch of cut outs from cardstock, and sprinkled a crap ton of glitter lol.

I also used the same technique for my Merry Christmas banner in my dining room.

It'll be fun to use these decorations in my new apartment this Christmas! And it won't be so hectic lol!

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