Thursday, May 3, 2012

Hiking: Cedar Ridge Preserve

Hiking event number 2!

Since I am expecting only about 2-3 more weeks of tolerable weather conditions before the scorching wave of death begins that people call summer here, I am determined to enjoy the outdoors as much as my schedule allows.

Obviously this is Dallas, so the terrain isn't very varied lol, but I thought I could still find some enjoyable places to hike through. And success!

Cedar Ridge is just one park outside of Dallas next to Joe Pool Lake great for hiking.

We ended up doing just two trails, a 2 miler and a 1 miler.

The first took about 45-60 minutes, and was great! It was very shaded with trees, narrow trail, and lots of steep challenging climbs!

The second trail we picked was the one to a cute little pond, less challenging and more scenic. 

This trail was much wider and there were so many wild flowers.

We made it to the pond! I think they need to rename it; there were so many turtles everywhere!!!

Next time I want to check out Joe Pool Lake and try kayaking the Walnut Creek Paddling Trail!

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