Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Hill Country Holiday

Just a quick glimpse into the slower paced life of the Hill Country that I enjoyed over Easter weekend.

Yes, I actually line dried some laundry. I was actually concerned that the clips would fail and my freshly whitened shirt would blow away into the dirt... Disconcerting, but ultimately a needless worry lol. Whew!


Some wildflowers poliferating throughout the acres. These are the pails used to feed and water the local deer each day! There is no drought right now though, so they don't have to rely on the local community for sustenance.

We grilled steak and bell peppers for dinner! Ok, there isn't really a "we" in this, as I'm pretty sure I wouldn't have been allowed to touch anything involving the grill.

I have my own grill though, so I am looking forward to having a bit of fun myself.

Kebabs, grilled salmon, barbecued chicken, ect. Oh yea.

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  1. As much as I hate Austin, I love the Hill Country! Nice post. :)