Thursday, April 5, 2012

How Does Your Garden Grow?

Week #2 of Herb Garden.

The seeds sprouted so quickly!!! I was expecting to have to wait like 4 weeks! Whew!




Week #3 of Herb Garden:

Look how much they grew! Its like an ant jungle! That basil is going to be craaaazy... I need a food processor so I can make pesto lol.

I trimmed out some of the plants to give the others more of a fighting change. In a few more weeks I will have to replant them in larger pots and see what happens. I was worried because I really only get about 2 hours of direct sunlight, but they are all doing so well!


Even the chives popped up!

So Aldi had Hydrangea bushes for sale a few weeks ago, and I could't resist! Even if it fails, it will still be worth the attempt! I just love them....

{Chives + Hydrangeas}

I replanted the bush from its smaller foil container. I also have a bit of Acid mixture which I will be feeding the plant every 3-4 weeks with water until the soil pH balance is just acidic enough for the petals to remain this purplish blue hue.

Acid for Blue - Base for Pink.

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