Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Calloway's Nursery

Um. Ok, I admit I'm a bit into the whole Spring Thing right now. 


There is a nursery right next to our clinic in the hospital wing, and I have been wandering over there a few times during lunch these past few weeks. While some of their plants can be more expensive than Lowes or Home Depot, they are usually cared for much better and if you catch the sales you can make out like a bandit!

{Campanula Get Mee}
These are great for the amount of shade I get in my patio, and a perfect complementary size for a larger flowering plant in a container. They only bloom for about 3-4 weeks though, so I ended up passing on them. Sort of reminds me of Hyacinths! Oh I love those flowers too.... If only they actually lasted.

{Campanula Champion or Bell Flowers}

 Um. These are awesome. I had a $5 coupon yesterday, and came and grabbed a pot! They are a bit more of a purple. I am hoping they flower for at least a month though! We'll see!

I LOVE Boxwoods!!! The perfect green plant to an english/cottage garden.
*le sigh*

I was contemplating buying a small one and planting it in a large pot for some added greenery in the shade... but I suspect it might grow too large too quickly for a little patio. I wonder if I could just keep pruning it to a small size though? Hmmmm.

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