Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Thyme and Dough: Cafe and Nursery

I have been driving by this little Belgian cafe off of 290 every time I drive in to Dripping Springs, and it never fails to be closed the days I am there.

Its actually a partnership between the chef who is from Belgium, and a gardener who supplies the herbs, vegetables, and flowers for purchase.

You go in the little house to order, and you can either eat inside if the weather is a bit grey, sit out on the patio, or eat among the flowers! The wait for your meal is a bit lengthy as everything is made fresh, but you can puruse the gardens outside in the meantime.

And, the coffee is PERFECT. Mmmm. 

I found some Creeping Jenny while wandering! This is so one of my favorite ground covers, and is great in containers as well!

Isn't the light green bright and happy?

My mom, brother, and I spend about an hour out here and it was so peaceful and enjoyable. I love just being outside, breathing in the fresh air....


  1. This place sounds awesome! I'd love to visit it!

  2. If we ever do a weekend trip, this is so on the list! :P