Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Enchanted Rock

So after many many weekend trips to Austin, I finally made it out to Enchanted Rock!

Its about 15-20 minutes north of Fredericksberg, one of my favorite towns in Texas. A great weekend vacation would be spending a Saturday shopping in Fredericksberg and doing some wine tasting and dining in the evening. There are some great antique malls with really great deals, as well as some nicer stores. Then follow that day up with an early morning trip to Enchanted Rock, hiking to the top, and then exploring some of the other trails throughout the day. There is a Moss Lake nearby as well as a cave on the north side of the rock. I didn't get to spend the whole day out there as it was pretty hot for my cold weather bones, but definitely planning on spending a whole day out there in the future!

There are some really nice picnic areas and camp sites as well... Maybe this upcoming fall?

I think the summer has officially breathed its first breath this year. I got sunburned up on that rock lol!

I blame Dad. "Rest in the shade? Psssh."

*shakes fist wrathfully to the sky*

This was at the base of the rock, near the telescopes. The hill country is pretty dry, but there were little pockets of bright greenery and wild flowers randomly throughout.


This was like, the last vestige of shade provided, which I took full advantage of lol.

We made it to the top! See, its like a rock desert, with random clumps of green lol.  

This was on the way down looking back toward the telescopes and civilization lol.

I can imagine the view at sunset would be so gorgeous... Def would have to camp out there though. Never climb in the dark lol.

I want to go camping now lol!

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