Wednesday, July 25, 2012

New Vanity Addition

Yet another Pinterest idea turned reality. These are a couple of ways to display jewelry I found, and decided to create my own version.

See, I HAVE been busy lol. Since moving and unpacking and organizing everything, I am trying to get everything done just right the FIRST time, so I won't have all these projects in the back of my head heckling me. They really do heckle me lol.

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I actually love the tree idea (I would do more of an all white version) but I ended up going with the more conservative version instead. Its just more classic and goes with my room in its entirety.

I just purchased an empty frame from Hobby Lobby, painted it white (they didn't have the dimensions I needed in white), and that was it! Yet another easy storage solution!

I discovered I have a theme going; apparently I love pearls lol.

Thank goodness for costume jewelry! I am glad my personal tastes haven't changed over the past few years and I have been able to maximize the value of my purchases. Its not something you think about when you are young, but as I have gotten older I have spent more time trying to focus on purchases that I know I will love and use over many years, rather than buying something I will only value temporarily. Such an important Style Rule!

Its never stylish to waste money lol.

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